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India – 11-19-2019 ( — There were mainly three varieties of the precious metal which is very commonly known to us and these all are used vitally not anyone of them can be taken as important or other less important it can be quite possible that the price of these differences can be different depending on the percentage of purity and impurity. Let us see how we can know about the three of them and what their properties are.

When you buy ornaments you are unknown but it is clear that it is of 22 karats or 916. The 916 is a symbol that tells us that it is containing 91.6 grams of the pureness and the rest of them are alloys that are mixed in it. It is also known as 22 karats by 24 karats. If we see similarly 958 is also the same and it is known as 23 karats and the 750 is known to be 18 karats.

The 916 is not so strong that it can be used to make ornaments and 100% of pureness cannot be used to make articles because it will be of low strength so some other materials are added and this makes the articles strong and durable.

You must know that if you are going to Cash for Gold Delhi then they will pay you cash against gold for the pure percentage and they will deduct the cost of the rest of the alloy material. So at the time you visit gold buyers, you must know about the above point.

The second and the best to know as a hallmark, it is a symbol that certifies the cleanliness and also indicates that we are taking genuine metal. The mark is provided by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) this is proof that when we buy gold and think to sell gold the quality will be the same and no denial can take place or you can be eligible to sell gold at a high price with the help of this mark. The mark is given with the help of lasers and there were about 330 assaying centers in the country that provide these marks. The mark has some details and it can be seen by checking the mark minutely and they are BIS logo, retailer’s logo, and purity, certification date or year and logo of the assaying center.

So from the next, you are going to buy or sell coins, bars, and bullion please check the hallmark and also check that what the purity is marked on it and then take it especially when you are at the outlet of local jewelers. It will make you safe that in any condition you wish to sell your gold at the outlet of best jewelry buyers then you can receive the best possible price for your precious piece of metal in any shape or size.

The third one is industrial use of this precious yellow metal which was made by mixing some cadmium in it. The details are given as there will be 92% of the yellow metal and the rest 8% is cadmium. The cadmium has a low melting point so it was very easy to separate from the jewelry and so it was used in it but it was affecting the health of the people who were using it as jewelry so it had been banned but the industries found it good use and they started using it on a big scale mainly in solders which are made of 60% of pure yellow metal and other 40% of copper.

Now it had been easy to understand varieties of this precious thing. To sell that at the highest market price visit the nearest branch of Cashfor Gold & Silverkings or contact us at Cash for Gold in Delhihelpline number +91-9999821722, 9999333245.

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