Why a communication agency has been the secret for the success of Brazilians in the United States

United States, New York, New York – 11-20-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — In the last three years, Brazil have lived a period of political and economic instability. This fact explains why so many Brazilian entrepreneurs have decided to leave their country to invest in the United States, taking advantage of the possibility of obtaining an EB-5 residence visa, and also bringing with them millions of dollars in investments for the US economy. However, it is not always so easy to establish a brand or a new business in a foreign country. To start over within a new culture and language context is a challenge.

Because of social and cultural reason, most Brazilians who migrate to the United States prefer to settle in Miami or other Florida cities, which have a huge Hispanic population and over 400,000 immigrants from Brazil. This is the same reason that compels these entrepreneurs, who are new to the US or have a strong desire to start a new business, to look for companies in the US that also belong to Brazilians, to seek consulting, media and brand-building strategies with someone who not only speak the same language, but also understands the culture and needs of this market, in order to overcome sociocultural barriers and thrive on American soil.MF Press Global, a transnational communication group founded by the Portuguese Brazilian entrepreneur Fabiano de Abreu, has one of its offices in the United States, in New York and have helped Brazilians to reach the audience and success. The company has been sought by Brazilian entrepreneurs looking to consolidate their companies in the US and being known by customers and investors: “From 2014 on, the profile of Brazilians coming to the US has changed. Today that image of the illegal immigrant entering the country through the Mexican border by a person who smuggles immigrants into America, a coyote, is giving way to entrepreneurs who want to enter legally and undertake. The environment in the United States is very favorable to entrepreneurship now, with record job creation, economic growth, and it brings legal and financial security to sustain an entire consumption chain”, says Fabiano. ExpertiseFabiano de Abreu, CEO of MF Press Global, is a worldwide record holder in creating characters for the press and celebrities, making more than 500 people famous in the last 6 years. This way, he was honored by receiving an award at an international event held in Lisbon, Portugal, where his title and professional record was recognized and confirmed by journalists from the United States, Brazil, Portugal, Spain and Chile.His company has branches in Brazil, Angola, the United States and Chile and its headquarters in Portugal, with operations in these countries with local media partners. Consolidated in all these countries and considered as the best press office in Brazil for 4 consecutive years, MF Press Global has helped Brazilian business owners to gain notoriety in the United States, working with subsidiaries of major US media groups such as CBS, NBC, ABC, The CW and FOX.According to the CEO, the company offers complete solutions for those who need notoriety in this new stage of life: “MF Press Global offers not only press releases and news broadcasting, but social media management and content creation, branding, marketing and general advertising solutions, everything people may need for personal and business growth ”, says Fabiano de Abreu. Cases of successThe businesswoman and Luxury Real Estate broker Luciane Serifovic is one of the Brazilian women who have been successful in the USA with the help of MF Press Global: “This communication agency has been acting as a great partner for my business. Recently I decided to start my own company here in the United States, focused on high standard real estate and they granted me more exposure on media vehicles from all over the country. It’s been very important to me. Even living here for many years, the American market is very competitive and advertising in the right places with a good marketing strategy is fundamental”. Since she started using their services, she has reached new customers and gained more credibility.Mrs. Serifovic is also a pioneer, who invested in technology and opened in New York the first Luxury Real Estate brokerage firm to work with blockchain in the US. Blockchain is now considered by specialists the most relevant technological innovation in the financial market.Other famous Brazilian clients of MF Press Global in US are Cris Cyborg (UFC wrestler), Sue Lasmar (model known as the most beautiful body in the US), Bella Falconi (public figure and digital influencer with 4 million followers), Larissa Reis (muscle model, athlete and owner of Protein House, a healthy food restaurant in Las Vegas) and Anna Layza (YouTube influencer and owner of the largest unicorn artifacts store in the world).

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