Palmer Administrative Services Ocean NJ Helping Car Owners With Protection Plans

United States – 11-21-2019 ( — Aside from homes, cars are usually the biggest personal purchase that people make in their lifetime. Driving is simply a necessity if your house is far from your workplace. Having a car also gives you the freedom to go wherever you want whenever you want. Given its importance, protecting this investment should be a priority. Palmer Administrative Services works hard to ensure that car owners in New Jersey get the automotive protection that they deserve with extended service plans. 

Protection for Used Vehicles

While most people would love to drive home a new car, sometimes this just doesn’t make financial sense. They would have to get a large loan and get tied up in payments for several years for the full price plus interest. Meanwhile, the car they’re paying for quickly loses value every year. They are also costly to operate with maintenance and fuel. Many are taking the alternative which is to buy a used vehicles whether in cash or as a loan. This is much cheaper at the very least so the financial burden is not too heavy. However, this also has its drawbacks. 

Older cars are more prone to breakdowns. You don’t really know how it has been used by the previous owners. You can’t be sure if they were diligent about the maintenance or if they drove it through harsh conditions. Although you might bring a mechanic to check the unit, problems might still slip and only get found after a while. When they do become apparent, you may be faced with significant repair bills. Palmer Administrative Services knows this scenario all too well. They help local car owners by providing auto protection plans that are great for used cars. 

They can cover the cost of parts replacement or repairs due to battery malfunctions, ignition issues, flat tires, fuel injection problems, engine troubles, and many more. Palmer’s assistance means that you can get problems resolved right away instead of waiting for a while until you have saved up for it. After all, things could get worse with time. Breakdowns might also leave you without a car to use for work commute which would be inconvenient.

All-around Services

Palmer Administrative Services offers these protection plans at low cost thanks to their financing options. They can cover virtually all situations. Owners can get the level of protection that they think they require to have peace of mind in emergency situations. The company will immediately cover the repairs if the issue is covered by their chosen plan. In fact, they will even provide a rental car for the owner to drive in case the repair process takes longer than usual. Disruptions are reduced to a minimum as regular commutes and errands can still proceed as normal. 

Indeed, the plans include roadside assistance which is active nationwide through their partners. Owners are covered wherever they go in case they run into trouble. If they ever get stranded due to an empty fuel tank, a sudden car breakdown, a blown tire, or a problem starting the engine, they can ask for help to come to their exact location. The issue will be resolved as fast as possible so that they can be on their way to their destination. Palmer even provides lockout assistance for those who might have left their keys inside their vehicle. It happens to the best of us. The important thing is that we can rely on someone to help.

With Palmer Administrative Services Ocean NJ car owners always have a partner to rely on. The company provides multiple levels of protection for every need and budget so everyone can choose what suits them best.

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