Therapy Practice Accelerator Holiday Special – Free Personal Strategy Session Consultation

United States – 12-02-2019 ( — Many therapists across the country are suffering the same issue – they are struggling with running a private practice because they are taught nothing whatsoever about growing their own client base in school. 

A large percentage of new practices close within the first 5 years due to this. Talented therapists across the country are forced to work for someone else or give up on private practice altogether because the clients that need their help can’t find them. 

The problem is more common than you think. 

Victor Elkins and Matt Coffman, founders of Therapy Practice Accelerator, have helped over 1,000 therapists across the country reach the people that need them the most. This holiday they’re offering a free Strategy Session consultation (a $99 value).They mention several valid points about the problems they tackle: 

  • Most therapists spend their time on outdated or ineffective strategies to grow their caseloads
  • Therapists often think “business”, “marketing”, and “sales” are dirty words
  • Therapists often don’t track their numbers or approach growing their practice with the mindset of an entrepreneur
  • At its core, therapy is one of the more difficult things to “sell” – it can be time consuming for clients, it can be quite expensive, and the work isn’t (and can’t be) guaranteed

Because of these issues, therapists should receive more training than anyone in terms of marketing and sales, right?Wrong. They receive less than nearly any other profession. The talented team at Therapy Practice Accelerator has many impressive examples that demonstrate what life can be like for a therapist once they get all the tools and tips necessary to draw in the clients that need them. Some examples include: 

  • A therapist in Sacramento, CA went from 4 to 25 clients in 6 weeks
  • A therapist in the Denver area starting brand-new and hitting 24 private-pay clients in 2 months
  • A therapist in Montana leaving his community assessment job after his practice hit 20 sessions a week – he has been on his own ever since
  • A therapist in New York City nearly tripling her caseload from 8 to 22 clients in a month

Many more testimonials can be found at their website – you are a therapist unsure of what to do to find the clients that need you, you can redeem your holiday special free strategy session consultation at this link:

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