Element 7 Expands Commitment to Social Justice Reform

United States – 12-04-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Element 7, a cannabis retailer based in California, recently announced its expanded commitment to social justice reform. Throughout 2019, Element 7 has hosted and supported expungement and record sealing events in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Fresno, and Chicago, cleaning the records of hundreds of individuals with minor drug convictions.

 The events, held in partnership with NDICA (National Diversity and Inclusion Cannabis Alliance) have paved the way for Americans to enter the legal and licensed cannabis market and gain meaningful employment in the fast-changing business. Element 7 is a strong advocate for social justice reform, equality and empowerment, believing that desperately needed change can be driven at scale in an industry that has become a spotlight for diversity and inclusion. As Robert DiVito, Founder and CEO of Element 7 explains, “Expungement clinics have allowed Element 7 to invest in communities we want to be a part of, ahead of any business operations in that community. We want people to know that we are a cannabis company that is not only here to support, educate and assist impacted communities, but that we are also a company they can trust and partner with. We’re an open door to communities that have been disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs.” More expungement and record-sealing clinics are being held in Chicago (Saturday) and Detroit (Sunday) this weekend, ahead of those two States expanding their cannabis business and licensing program. The Chicago event will take place on Saturday December 7 at the Bronzeville Incubator and will feature a social equity summit. The Detroit event, on Sunday December 8 at the Red Door Gallery features State Representatives Isaac Robinson and Jewell Jones. The event will be moderated by Bankole Thompson and includes Bonita Money, Founder and Executive Director of NDICA, Rep. Mary Waters, and Freeway Rick Ross. Attorneys Robyn McCoy and Tracey Martin-Henry will be on hand to provide free legal assistance to local residents with drug-related criminal records and the speakers will be focusing on how to empower individuals to enter the industry. Coinciding with the Detroit event, a press conference will be held announcing the introduction of a new Michigan Cannabis Social Equity Bill initiated by NDICA and authored by the 2 State Representatives. Bonita (Bo) Money, of NDICA said, “We encourage the community to come to take advantage of the opportunity to clear their criminal convictions and begin the overcome the obstacles to better jobs, housing, and other benefits. Social Equity and Social Justice go hand-in-hand and expungements are life-changing.” She added, “these clinics are the first-step to moving forward for residents affected by the War on Drugs. There are enormous barriers to entry for people with felonies seeking employment, housing, student loans, and occupational licensing.”  Amber Norwood, Element 7’s Chief Compliance Officer, weighed in further, adding “These grass-root and community programs really allow us the opportunity to continue fighting for social justice throughout this industry. We know the impact that these programs create is transformative to families and communities once an individual’s record has been expunged. At Element 7 we think that there are many “right ways” to run a cannabis business – compliant, clean, tracked and tested operations are one way. Empowering communities, paying it forward, and ‘doing good’ are equally as important. Cannabis can be a positive force for change and growth.”  DiVito sees diversity as a competitive advantage for Element 7, noting, “it is essential that the cannabis industry is reflective of its enthusiasts and brings people from all backgrounds, ages, cultures, ethnicities and genders together so that we can collectively shape the cannabis industry in the best way possible. We hope Element 7’s extension of its commitment to social justice reform will serve as another step toward helping the residents of Chicago and Detroit contribute to the cannabis industry and rights the wrongs they’ve faced.” About Element 7 Element 7 is a cannabis retail company that focuses on creating change through information, education, and continuous community engagement. Formed in 2018 in response to a rapidly changing cannabis retail market, Element 7 is focused on retail operations across the State of California and has over 15 retail cannabis projects in active development. With a mission of becoming the ‘most local cannabis company’ in the industry, Element 7 stimulates economic development at a micro community level. Its business is backed by insight, data, flexible business models and community engagement that creates dialogue and understanding through education. www.e7ca.com.  About NDICA The National Diversity and Inclusion Cannabis Alliance (NDICA) is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to create an ethical and equitable cannabis industry to reduce barriers contributing to the lack of representation of those most impacted by the War on Drugs, including people of color and other marginalized community members. http://thendica.org.

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