What Tom Hanks’ “A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood” Reveals About Our Current Social Climate

United States, New York, New York – 12-07-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — The successful release of Tom Hanks’ latest movie, ”A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, ” a story based on the real Mr. Rogers – is proof that as a society at large, we still desire a warm, caring, guiding parental figure for ourselves and our children. 

Though Mr. Rogers’ caring heart still lives on in the minds of many, the children of the current generation now have a new version of the warm, caring, parental role model to inspire them to keep their heads in the clouds and find the adventures in everyday life. Meet Mr. B!Michael Brown, known far and wide as Mr. B, inspires 3-8-year-old children to see their world for the adventure it is, to always be dreaming, and to remember that anything is possible. Through his website, social media platforms, and upcoming illustrated book series, Mr. B’s Great Adventures, shares with kids and parents alike that by simply changing our perspective – we can change everything about how our life unfolds. Designed as a collaborative brand between guardian and child, Mr. B’s Great Adventures, shows how to dream big and build healthy relationships at any age…while navigating the real world of life. ”As an aerial photographer for over 20 years, I have had a unique perspective of the world at large and close to home, ” says Mr. B. ”As a father and grandfather, I see first hand how inspiring our young children is crucial to not only have them learn how to navigate life but to simply have a positive mindset that anything is possible as long as they keep their heads in the clouds.”Mr. B’s Great Adventures does just that through interactive activities, targeted engagement, and illustrated stories all available online at MrBsGreatAdventures.com.

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