PooPrints Announces Nationwide Program for Dog Parks

United States, Tennessee, Knoxville – 12-12-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Canine DNA company, BioPet Laboratories, unveiled the national ‘PooPrint Your Park’ program to solve dog waste problems at parks. BioPet has seen an alarming rise in dog-park closures due to issues with unscooped dog waste and they have a solution — DNA. To combat this, the company will partner with Parks and Recreation departments and dog parks across the nation to expand pet friendliness and protect pet-friendly parks from the environmental issues and health hazards of unscooped poop.

PooPrints is a program created and owned by BioPet Laboratories, an animal genetics company in Knoxville, Tennessee. The PooPrints program uses DNA to match unscooped dog waste to the dog it belongs to. DNA is collected with a cheek swab and submitted to the PooPrints lab where scientists extract the DNA and database it in BioPet’s patented DNA World Pet Registry. The profile can then be matched to any future unscooped dog waste that could occur at the park. PooPrints currently works with 4,000 customers across the globe to battle pet waste issues. The program reduces unscooped pet waste issues by 98%.

The ‘PooPrint Your Park’ grant will provide dog parks with free DNA swab kits to allow parks to register canine visitors with a cheek swab to compare with any possible unscooped waste that may occur.

BioPet’s initiative will make parks more enjoyable for pet owners and healthier for pets.  The venture is designed to further educate city municipalities and Parks and Recreation departments about the social and environmental benefits of dog DNA waste management.

A shocking statistic proves that 40% of pet owners do not pick up after their dog. Without an enforceable method for keeping parks clean, some Parks and Recs departments are resorting to closing their gates for good. PooPrints’ program has proven to reduce 98% of dog waste problems for communities.

 “There’s a common misconception that our company only works within the multifamily industry,” said BioPet CEO J Retinger, “But we’ve successfully piloted our program at parks. We want to expand the DNA footprint and make parks aware that we can help. They’re not facing this issue on their own, and DNA technology can provide many benefits to communities.”

The program has already aided several dog parks across the US, including Carmel Clay Dog Park in Carmel, IN and Nashua Dog Park in Nashua, NH. Board Member of Nashua Dog Park Mark Vasta says, “PooPrints is a game changer. We have seen a drastic improvement in pet waste cleanup. Thus further providing our patrons and pets with a cleaner and healthier experience.” Combined Carmel Clay Dog Park and Nashua Dog Park have registered over 2,000 dogs to date.

Effective Immediately Parks and Recreation departments can apply for the PooPrints Dog Park Grant. Each year, individual dog parks are selected and PooPrints will donate the DNA collection kits which will begin the process of making parks greener, cleaner, and healthier.

For more information, visit PooPrints.com/dogparks 


BioPet Laboratories is an international biotechnology company specializing in animal genetics, and the parent company of the PooPrints program. The company’s full-service laboratory provides comprehensive DNA analysis, reporting, research, and product development. BioPet’s mission is to protect the environment, expand public access for dogs, and promote responsible dog ownership. For more information about BioPet Laboratories, or its DNA-based pet products, contact us at www.biopetlabs.com or call (865) 546-2862.

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