ForestAu Green LLC to Launch First Ever Security Cryptocurrency to Allow Public Participation in Forest Conservation

PHILADELPHIA-PA – 12-31-2019 ( — ForestAu Green LLC is set to launch the first ever and sole SEC-Registered crypto currency) called Tupã to allow public participation in environmental conservation efforts undertaken by the company. The owners of TUPÃ tokens will receive profits and dividends from the company.

The launch of the new cryptocurrency comes in the wake of increased deforestation across the world. According to FAO and World Bank, the world lost almost 130 million hectares of forest land due to deforestation in 1990-2015. The investor who buys TUPÃ tokens will have a large forest farm to invest in meaning that prior knowledge in reforestation, wood cultivation and wood market would be an added advantage but not a necessity. The cryptocurrency token will also be based on reforestation as a palpable asset giving the investor more security to their investment. According to ForestAu Green LLC, One Tupã’ Security Token (TUPA) will be equivalent to $ 1.43. This is also equivalent to 3% of one gram of gold. This calculation is based on UNESP methodology on assessing the farm capacity. Taking into consideration the 420,000 hectares of Amazon Forest farms owned by the company and the yearly forestry production of the company, ForestAu Green LLC will start with 120 million tokens in circulation. The issuance of currency will be limited to the of the available reserves thus eliminating price fluctuation issues and maintaining the core characteristics of such as encryption, reserve value and unit of count. Speaking on the new cryptocurrency product launched by the company, Mr. Oderli Feriani, the CEO and founder of the company said,  “Our main goal is to offer to our investors the most secure and most profitable investment with Crypto Tupã Security. We want to make the investors in ICO/STO as co-owners and holders of the rights to a new currency – Crypto Tupã Security – and also co-owners of ForestAu Green LLC’s share rights, it receives profits from the reforestation operations arising from the activities developed by company in Brazilian farms.”  To get the product investors will first buy the Crypto Tupã token which is a presale of the LLC product. After the company launches main ICO, the investor will have the options of keeping the cryptocurrency token or exchanging it with a physical product in the form of environmental conservation product, money or any wood product from ForestAu Green LLC. During the withdrawal process, the investor can also request an audited annual report of the annual activities conducted by ForestAu Green LLC. Investors will be responsible for the costs of requesting and sending the annual report. You will also be required to own Etherium wallet in order to exchange Tupã with other fiat currencies from any destination across the world. About ForestAu Green LLCForestAu Green LLC is the only real Farm of Forestry Company that will bring an STO in 2020. The forestry company works and gives profits to the token owners continuously. The company is managed by a strong team of business leaders who have a wide experience. Mr. Oderli Feriani has over 20 years of market experience and works as the CEO of several financial institutions. Mr. Alexandre Feriani who is the C.O.O has over 18 years’ experience in the development and management of projects.  For more information about the company, you can visit its websiteMedia Contact Mr. Oderli Feriani1515 Market St. Suite 1200, Philadelphia, PA+1 (215) 399-0090contact@tupã.com

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