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LAS VEGAS, NV. – 01-16-2020 ( — Las Vegas, NV, January 16, 2020:   In today’s digital world, using a press release to market a business or product is more important than ever. Whether you are launching a new IT consultancy company, an app, crypto currency, blockchain project, marketing event, a new product, or hiring someone new on the CEO level, getting mentioned in news and exclusive stories, on blogs and across social media websites is the key to grow awareness around your business and expand the customer base. 

However, not all press releases distribution services are meant to offer the same results and impact. PR Distribution Inc. is one of the best PR distribution firms out there, which scored high in overall reach and pricing. Although they are not the cheapest ones, but they are affordable and have different packages for businesses to choose from. With its premium concierge press release distribution plan, you are guaranteed to have 100+ placements that include Google, Yahoo, Bing, Google News, Bing News, SEO Mass ping, financial feeds, Social media blast, and blog outreach. With the same plan the press release is also featured on premium news network such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, and their affiliates to name a few. PR Distribution Inc. understands how important it is to have spam-free distribution across the journalist community while keeping the distribution and the content of PR targeted to only related niche or industry. If you are looking for fast results and wide distribution across major media websites, you should try using the annual package as it comes with huge discount and long-term SEO benefits. Using a professional PR agency like PR Distribution Inc. means that your news is likely to end up in front of the writers, editors, bloggers, and journalists writing about your industry or topic. As an alternative to hiring a PR agency, you can also hire a PR writer and purchase the media contact list to connect with journalists yourself.
ABOUT PRDISTRIBUTION.COMPR Distribution Inc. is a leading press release writing and distribution, service provider. It has helped millions of businesses to get instant recognition by the industry’s most authentic media outlets and journalists. With PR Distribution you get guaranteed visibility in Google/Yahoo/Bing & Google News at a very low cost. You can contact PR Distribution at  

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