New Patients Inc Releases New Marketing Guide for Dental Practices. 8 Steps to a Fee for Service Dental Practice

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas – 01-17-2020 ( — Las Vegas, NV: New Patients Inc (NPI) today announced the release of ‘8 Steps to a Fee for Service Dental Practice’, a new dental marketing Guide. ‘8 Steps to a Fee for Service Dental Practice’ is specifically for dentists and dental professionals to help them learn how to transition out of insurance participation programs. This guide offers a top down all-inclusive step by step implementation plan. It was developed after spending 30 years of guiding dental offices through the process of becoming fee for service practices. The Guide identifies the steps that need to be followed so that revenues can be maintained or increased during this process. It offers dentists a way to break free of the insurance maze. “Many dentists really want bigger and more interesting cases for a number of good reasons. 

We put this Guide together to help them attain that goal,” says NPI President Mark Dilatush. “We took what has worked for our clients over the last many years and assembled the steps they can follow to attract the bigger cases, specifically implant cases.” Features and benefits of ‘8 Steps to a Fee for Service Dental Practice’ include: “See insurance participation for what it REALLY is “The right way to transition out of insurance participation – without crashing your practice “How to use your marketing budget to grow a bigger practice and healthier revenues “Insurance can be very useful – in certain, specific circumstances ‘8 Steps to a Fee for Service Dental Practice’ will be available starting June 12, 2019. For more information visit About New Patients Inc: NPI is a marketing firm that has spent the last 30 years working exclusively with dentists world-wide. NPI has been called one of the leading dental-only marketing firms. Recently the company acquired another leading marketing firm to develop a line of artificial intelligence enriched digital marketing services.

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