New options for handling manhole obstructions when milling and paving make the process smarter, faster, and safer

United States, Ohio, Delphos – 01-21-2020 ( — A revolutionary new system makes cutting, pulling, and repairing manholes smarter, safer, and faster. With the Mr. Manhole system, manholes can be quickly removed for milling and paving and easily restored after the paving is complete. This results in a smoother road and is much faster for pavers. 

Plus, this new system can allow you to replace manhole frames temporarily with a steel plate then mill and pave right over them. 


The Cut, Pull, and Plate package keeps crews working at top efficiency. Designed to make paving quicker and easier, this package allows you to remove manhole frames and set a steel plate in place, cover the plate with temporary asphalt. Then, mill and pave right over manholes and restore them at a later date.

If you want a better system that doesn’t require countless man-hours cutting out frames and valves to make adjustments and repairs, upgrade to a Mr. Manhole Cutter. It’s more cost-effective, time-efficient, and safer for operators. 

Mr. Manhole has a simple six-step process that cuts hours off your project:

1. Cut and remove the manhole frame from the road using the Six Shooter manhole cutter

2. Replace the frame and lid with a custom steel plate

3. Cover the steel plate with asphalt

4. Mill and pave with no obstructions

5. Cut through the new asphalt with the Six Shooter manhole cutter and remove the steel plate and all road materials in minutes with no labor.

6. Restore the manhole to grade using a quick and accurate method. (Link to video showing rebuild)

With the Mr. Manhole system, cutting time is reduced to about 10 minutes and you’ll have the entire process done in less than an hour. Not only are you saving man-hours per project, but you’re able to complete more projects, drastically reducing cost. 

The Cut, Pull, and Plate package includes a Newcon Auger 3392HM and a Newcon Plate 3142HM.

The package price for the two items is just $1,659.73. Additional steel plates are available as needed.

About Mr. Manhole

Mr. Manhole is based in Delphos, Ohio, we focus on doing one thing right, manhole repair. Our products were developed to replace old, inefficient methods of manhole removal and repair. Our state-of-the-art series of tools and repair methods make the process smarter, faster, safer for crews and more profitable for companies and municipalities.

We are the only company in the world that provides tools for the repair of manhole frames exclusively, and our system has been used to repair manholes all over the world. We offer a complete series of engineering specifications for manhole repairs available free for download. All our products are manufactured locally. 

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