– 01-22-2020 ( — 22 January 2020 DAVOS, SWITZERLAND –  CEO George Zarya and Team have deployed to Davos to launch BEQUANT Prime Brokerage. As part of the programme, the group participated in the EmTech Investment Meeting, along with Rupertus Rothenhauser, CPO at Six Digital Exchange, Charles Hoskinson, the Co-Founder of Cardano Foundation, Lennix Lai, Financial Markets director at OKEx and others that have descended on the Swiss mountain resort for the annual gathering of industry and political leaders. 

Hedge funds, family offices, professional investors and traders are increasingly relying on BEQUANT as the leading Digital Asset prime brokerage provider. Built by industry professionals for professionals, the company’s product offering is generating significant interest, and justifiably so. While traditional financial institutions and market professionals can take advantage of industry grade trading and custody options, its platform allows existing exchanges to operate internationally, offering increased liquidity and cross border regulatory solutions.Together with some of the leading minds of the digital asset space, George Zarya is exploring the advantages that digital currencies present now and in the future. Speaking at a panel moderated by Financial Times reporter  Jemima Kelly, George Zarya contributed to the topic on everyone’s minds – the beginning of the institutional era for Digital Assets.  Other panelists included: Steve Kelso, Head of Galaxy Digital, Europe; Rupertus Rothenhauser, Chief Clients and Product Officer, Six Digital Exchange; Marc P. Bernegger, Board Member at Crypto Finance AG; Hugh Madden, Group Chief Executive Officer at BC Group (OSL). “It is a great opportunity to meet, network, forge new partnerships and develop additional solutions for industry leaders” said Zarya.BEQUANT’s global footprint is set to grow with additional products coming in 2020.

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