United States, California, Los Angeles – 01-22-2020 ( — The Laundry Room, a subsidiary of Self Discovery, LLC., announced this week its new SELF DISCOVERY multi-media campaign. The first chapter features The Bachelor/Bachelor in Paradise star Demi Burnett’s SEX POSITIVE campaign; Demi, 24-year-old Texas native, made #BachelorNation history by having the first ever same-sex relationship on 2019’s season of Bachelor In Paradise. Inspired by the likes of Mae West and RuPaul, Demi uses her voice to carry the flame of the Sex Positive Revolution into the twenty-twenties.  

 In a recent post to Demi’s Instagram @demi_not_lovatowearing an Equality lounge set from her collection she educates her 1.4 million followers on her message, “Sexual equality is about having equal access to resources and opportunities, regardless of gender. It’s about having your voice heard. It’s about having your opinion valued and respected; including economic participation and decision-making. It’s the state of valuing the different behaviors, aspirations and needs of humans—regardless of gender. LOVE IS LOVE.” The campaign—led by Executive Producer Jeff Osborne, Creative Director Nicholas Burgess, Brand Officer Joey Pauline, directed by Xavier Sotomayor, and filmed by Brian Beckwith and Jonah Pauline—features Demi wearing core silhouettes from THE LAUNDRY ROOM with her exclusive SEX POSITIVE collaboration dyes and prints now available online at The behind the scenes IGTV Video for the short fashion series was released on Friday, 01/10/20, by Demi through her instagram @demi_not_lovato has received over 480,000 views and hundreds of comments from inspired fans sharing intimate details to their personal self discovery.
The IGTV Video teaser for the short documentary created with Los Angeles women’s brand The Laundry Room, was released on Demi’s instagram @demi_not_lovato. In her caption, Burnett continues to educate her followers on her message, “What is Sex Positive? It’s about having a positive attitude about sex and feeling comfortable with your own sexual identity, as well as the sexual behavior of others. Just be and let be. What matters is your heart and how you’re treating people. In an article by @refinery29, Dr. Michael Krychman explains, “It means maintaining a healthy attitude towards sex — or lack thereof — and valuing it, given your individual needs.” Sex positivity also embraces the idea of being sexually educated and staying safe (aka…just wear a fucking condom). I created this collection with The Laundry Room so people can publicly and boldly inspire inclusive love and equality for all. I can’t wait to see the beautiful impact we all create together! ILY”In her video, Burnett validates Ellen DeGeneres’ description of being “very brave,” by opening up to intimate details regarding her childhood and sexual self-discovery. The video opens with Demi in a Beachwood Canyon residence, said to be “The World’s Best View of the Hollywood Sign”.  Burnett’s narration begins, “I lived in D.C. and Virginia area for the first half of my life.” Burnett continues the scene in a bath with red lighting—to represent confusion, transition, strength, desire, and love. “People in middle school, I remember they were like, oh Demi likes girls. Everyone was bullying me about it. And I was like, no I don’t no I don’t. I was very insecure,” she describes. “My stepmom, who I love so much.. always says, like, just be and let be. I think that’s a beautiful mantra. I’ve been called all of the terrible names; like whore, slut, all these things.. even before I had sex! How dare people shame somebody by calling them these mean, nasty names.” As she playfully jumps on the bed, Demi continues. “Childhood Demi is still in me, and I think about her every day. I just wish I could, like, go back and give her a hug. And just tell her, like, it’s going to be fine. Ya know? What matters is your heart and how you’re treating people. Just be whoever you are. Be Sex Positive. Own that, and you will feel so liberated and so free.”As you scroll through Demi’s Instagram, it’s filled with photos that show her authentic passion for the LGBTQ+ community—including photos with Drag Queens like Nina West, Naomi Smalls, Blair St. Clair, Trinity The Tuck, Latrice Royale, Milk, Monique Heart, and Asia O’Hara. Demi also hosted Drag Bingo at West Hollywood’s Hamburger Mary’s, with Bachelor friend Nick Viall, in December ‘19. The short fashion documentary is scheduled to release February ’20.
 About The Laundry RoomThe Laundry Room believes in the American Girl classically redefined: classic etiquette, modern simplicity, and rebellion. A women’s serious leisure label from Los Angeles created by The Pauline Brothers, Cosmopolitan Magazine has branded The Laundry Room as the label to create “The Greatest T-Shirt of all time”. The most iconic women on the planet have been seen in The Laundry Room—including Queen Beyoncé, at every Coachella she’s attended. The brand has been sold in the world’s most coveted retailers, including Selfridges, Revolve, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Lane Crawford Hong Kong, Bloomingdales, and hundreds of specialty boutiques worldwide. Today, The Laundry Room wants to help tastemakers “reform the moment” of self-discovery, and generate personal growth for both the experiencer and the new viewer. These openhearted stories are then untethered from the original experiencer and reformed within the space of serious leisure, accessories, and home. The Laundry Room’s Co-Founder/Brother, Joey Pauline, says, “We’ve personally evolved, and fashion is no longer enough for us. We’re on a trip (and a half) of creating a new age platform. The goods inspired by these open hearted stories are simply and only intended to separate and reform a moment in time, from the original experiencer as a modern artistic expression of mindfulness. Our intention then, is to align the new viewer within their daily consciousness and individual path of self-discovery. We’ve all fallen in love with Demi. She is a pure soul who has made a genuine lifelong impact on us all.”The Laundry Room’s Co-Founder/Brother, Jonah Pauline, says, “I felt an overwhelming presence of purpose as we shared conversations with Demi. I could see into the future- I saw all the teens struggling who need to feel this, and all the adults who need to remember to love their childlike self in order to positively be and love in the present.”The Laundry Room’s Creative Director/Partner, Nicholas Burgess, says, “We always set out to translate the image, vision and aesthetic of each of our tastemaker partners into the context of apparel. We knew we would create something special, unique and high quality that Demi’s fans would love. What we didn’t know is that it would become something much bigger. After spending time with Demi and getting to know her personally, her beliefs and values — it was clear that we would be creating a total movement together—the Sex Positive movement.” LINKS & DOWNLOADS:WEB LINK: demi.tlroom.comIGTV 4K VIDEO DOWNLOAD: YOUTUBE VIDEO: THE SCENES YOUTUBE VIDEO:
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