02/02/2020 Is Coming: How many lives will rewind?

United States, Idaho, Wallace – 01-31-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — WALLACE, ID (January 31, 2020) – This Sunday is a perfect storm of doubles – at least for Dodge Spicer. Dodge expects to wake up on February 2, 2020 as a 44-year-old chemist. Instead, she will slide out of bed on February 2, 1980 as a four-year-old child, a child with a memory of the next 40 years…

Ocean to Mountain Publishing has released 2020: When Hindsight Becomes Foresight, in which Dodge Spicer finds she’s forced to repeat her life. Her original four-year-old self exists safely at home with her parents, which leaves Dodge as her own doppelganger, stuck in 1980 alone, homeless, and desperately short. She’s a child with an adult’s education and ability to reason – and she remembers the future. Even so, Dodge faces disturbing ordeals during her adventures in Los Angeles foster care. Her deepest concern are those other kids in the system, the ones who don’t have the wherewithal to fight off monsters.[Excerpt from Chapter 14:]

Donny’s door opened easily, but I understood that this would change. I had an idea that Ted planned to buy new doorknobs for our doors – knobs with locking mechanisms. Maybe that had been one of the rumbles I’d half-heard from the kitchen. I had to get Donny out of the house. Now. Right now.

I sneaked up to her. “I’m here,” I whispered into her ear. I felt the wetness on her pillow, on her cheeks, in her hair. “It’s okay,” I said as quietly as I could. “We have to leave now. Will you leave with me?”

There are 440,000 children in foster care in America, and America’s opioid epidemic has caused that number to increase. All revenue generated by the sales of 2020 will go to charities that minister to hurting and disadvantaged youth.2020: When Hindsight Becomes Foresight is now available in both printed and eBook formats. It can be purchased online at Amazon.com or store.khouse.org or by calling 1-800-KHOUSE-1.Amy Joy is a geochemist and teacher who has ghost written 37 books, along with hundreds of news digest articles on science, technology and current events, often from the safety of a paleontology lab or a remote geological crevice. She will soon release her third book in the autobiographical series Science & Wonders.

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