Christine (Chrissy) Jones passes a voluntary polygraph after suffering from accusations of child abuse

United States, Oregon, Coquille – 02-10-2020 ( — Oregon Parent Youth Foundation announced today that Christine Jones of Roseburg, OR was falsely accused of abusing her children when she passed a voluntary lie detector test with flying colors. Almost three years ago Christine (Chrissy) Jones was accused of abusing her children when her ex-husband reported her to the Department of Human Services.  With no bruises or evidence to support those claims, Chrissy denied these allegations from day one.  “Ms. Jones has a compelling documentation and testimony.  Our organization fully supports Ms. Jones in her fight for her children.  It is astounding how damaging false accusations can be when they tear apart a mother’s relationship with her children,” says Alex Nelson, Co-Founder and President of Oregon Parent Youth Foundation (OPYF). “Research shows that the longer a child is away from a loving parent, the greater the psychological damage throughout that child’s life,” said Vice President Cheynne Harris.  Ms. Jones stated today, “I am doing everything I can to try to have time with my children, but everything I have done has been thwarted.”  Oregon Parent Youth Foundation released a statement announcing their financial support for attorney’s fees and a scholarship for Ms. Jones to help her obtain her real estate license. Alex Nelson announced, “Our foundation’s board members voted to support Chrissy because we believe every child should have access to a loving parent.”  Christine was emotional when she said, “I have missed so many birthday parties, sports events and school functions.” 

Glenn Fairall, founder of Blue Line Polygraph and Investigations performed the examination.  He is aformer police officer and major crimes detective with over 30 years of experience.  Relevant questions were asked while the instrument accurately recorded Ms. Jones breathing, changes in blood pressure, and pulse rate throughout the examination period.  The results concluded Christine Jones was being truthful in her responses, and, after careful analysis of the test charts, the examiner determined that she was in no way deceptive with her answers.  The polygraph determined Christine Jones had not been physically abusive towards her children.  Oregon Parent Youth Foundation has launched a “Fight for Chrissy and Her Children” campaign to raise money for court costs, counseling sessions and custody evaluations.  “Ultimately, we want to raise public awareness about parental alienation and change legislation that allows judges and law enforcement the tools to take action,” stated Mr. Nelson.  For more information, please contact: Oregon Parent Youth Foundation, LLC (541) 530-7902.


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