NAT G Launches 2020 Alt Fuels Systems Initiaties for Fleets

United States, Texas, Houston – 02-13-2020 ( — NAT G of Houston, Texas, a leading provider of propane and natural gas vehicle conversion systems, announces initiatives to assist public and private fleet operators in reducing their fleet operating expenses while also improving air quality. Since car emissions contribute to global warming, converting fleet vehicles to use alternative fuels instead of unleaded gasoline or diesel reduces global warming.

The initiatives announced are:

1. Complementary fleet vehicle assessments to determine fuel and maintenance savings resulting from operating vehicles on either propane, natural gas (CNG/RNG), or natural gas/diesel dual fuel systems. •Public and private fleets including shuttle services, paratransit vehicles, school districts, propane marketers, tow truck operators, long haul truckers, and off-road vehicle fleets can save significantly on their fueling costs.

2. Assistance with identifying the Federal/State/Local funding programs that may be available to offset your cost of converting vehicles and/or installation costs for alternative fueling infrastructure. •Subsidies, grants, and tax credits are available to reduce use of gasoline and diesel fuels. The federal government reinstated tax credits, retroactive to 2018 continuing through 2020, that save as much $.50/gallon when using alternative fuels. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, The Propane Council of Texas, and The Texas Propane Gas Association administer multiple programs within the state that also offer incentives to reduce vehicle emissions.

3. Alternative fuels fleet repair and maintenance services as well as training for fleet mechanics that may not have experience maintaining alternative fuel vehicles.

4. Nat G offers “bumper to bumper” complete engine repair/replacement diesel and general vehicle maintenance services.

5. CNG vehicle cylinder inspections to certify the safety and integrity of fleet fueling systems in accordance with the legal standards for all sizes and types of fleets.

6. CNG fueling infrastructure for public or private natural gas fueling: offering turn-key installation to include natural gas compressors, dryers and dispensers on a subcontracting basis.

7. As a FORD QVM installer, fleets can order vehicles through their local Ford dealer and have those vehicles drop shipped from the factory to Nat-G to install the alternative fuel systems and then take delivery with systems already installed. According to Dennis Foose, CEO of Nat G, “By providing ‘one stop shopping’ for natural gas/propane vehicle conversations, infrastructure, and vehicle maintenance, fleet management will rest assured that operations run smoothly and cost effectively on alternative fuels.”

About NAT G:

Nat G is a Texas based’ leading CNG and Propane Autogas vehicle conversion company. Our Conversion Center is a fully licensed facility and is a Ford Factory Qualified Vehicle Modifier with CNG and Propane certified technicians, CSA qualified cylinder inspectors, ASE certified mechanics, and has the expertise each fleet needs to make the transition to clean, cost-effective propane and natural gas fuels. Nat G® also has experience building large and small public and private refueling facilities.

With Nat G® you can truly join the Alternative Fuels Vehicle Revolution with confidence. Phone: 888-925-6284.

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