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United States, California, Anaheim – 02-19-2020 ( — Since 1969, A-VAC Industries has been California’s leading provider in new and rebuilt vacuum pumps, and vacuum pump repairs. A-VAC Industries is devoted to satisfying their customers’ needs by providing them with high-quality vacuum pumps and support for vacuum pumps. A-VAC Industries only sells the brands and models they know are of the highest quality. A-VAC Industries has a certified team of technicians which rebuild vacuum pumps in Anaheim, CA to meet or exceed OEM specifications, covered with a one year warranty.

A-VAC Industries has recently transferred its data over to a new website to insure the best customer experience for choosing High Vacuum Pumps, Helium Leak Detectors, or Vacuum Pump repair services.The rebuilt vacuum pumps which are sold on are rebuilt with only OEM parts and calibrated to manufacturers’ specifications. The types of vacuum pumps that are sold and rebuilt are: Oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps, dry vacuum pumps, vacuum boosters / vacuum blowers (also known as Roots pumps), scroll pumps, dry diaphragm pumps, Piston vacuum pumps, and more. A-VAC’s vacuum pump rebuild service delivers the closest thing to a new pump you can get, managed by the technical experts who understand every inch of your equipment. 

You must understand the level of vacuum required for your application when choosing the correct pump for the job.

Low vacuum is often used for moving liquids around through filtration (filter flasks)

Medium vacuum is used for applications similar to solvent recovery where you would be evaporating solvents or reconditioning them.

Medium to high vacuum has a range of uses where it’s important to lower the boiling points of certain compounds to become gas like.

High vacuum applications are best suited for the semiconductor industry.

Ultra-high vacuum (UHV) is used in theoretical applications when studying space and certain nuclear reactions.

Choosing the correct vacuum depth and precise flow rate will have a major impact your system. For example, in vacuum oven applications, if the oven is small, a small direct-drive pump can be used to quickly remove air from the system. If you were to have a larger oven, a bigger pump should be used. While high quality, long lasting vacuum pumps can often be expensive, it is important to thoroughly research the pump and take all factors into consideration when choosing it. 

If you are not sure which vacuum pump you need, feel free to give us a call today at (800) 747-2821 or visit our website at to find a new or rebuilt vacuum pump for sale or repair services. 

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