ControlBEAM™ Issued Patent for Interoperable, Event-Defined Systems for Edge Computing

United States, California, Irvine – 02-21-2020 ( — New Patent Bolsters Licensing of Edge Computing Platform to Microcontroller and Edge Gateway Manufacturers, 5G Network Operators, and Smart Cities. 

On January 28, 2020, ControlBEAM was awarded its sixth U.S. patent for unique methods incorporated within its BEAM RT™ event-driven, no-code, portable runtime system for edge computing. This system comprises an event and query processor that generate applications, and the platform itself, entirely from an event ledger, removing the need to code and compile applications. This architecture enables new and refined system processes to be distributed real-time to connected devices. 

The new patent, US 10545933, describes methods to: 1) synchronize and execute event-defined system processes, and 2) synchronize and accept an event-defined connection (party relationship) for sharing system information. 

ControlBEAM is leading the evolution from the concept of Software-Defined Everything to Event-Defined Everything™, including event-defined computing processes and connections that form a dynamic ecosystem of interoperable systems and devices. 

With a footprint under 20 kilobytes, the BEAM RT runtime system can easily be embedded into any microcontroller as well as run on edge gateways, smartphones, and cloud servers.   BEAMable™ systems are transported between connected devices and processed in-memory to dynamically render a user interface, manage data, and/or control a device without any cloud dependency, providing native app performance while minimizing network traffic.

“The ControlBEAM platform was developed ground-up to define, manage, and control everything through distributed events, enabling intelligent and autonomous systems to simply interoperate at scale”, notes Doug Migliori, Chief Architect at ControlBEAM, Inc. “The platform is an extremely compact, unified solution for Edge Computing that redefines how applications and systems are built and deployed – eliminating the constraints and inefficiencies of programming languages.”

The ControlBEAM platform can support any data-centric application from a device on/off switch to an e-commerce website to task-driven mobile workforce management and mission-critical supply chain management – all modeled as event-defined systems. 

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BEAM RT™, Event-Defined Everything™, and BEAMable™ are trademarks of ADC Technologies Group, Inc.

About ControlBEAM Digital Automation 

ControlBEAM is a leading innovator of codeless plug-and-play systems for unified commerce, asset optimization, and smart cities.

ControlBEAM’s ontology-based, event-driven Commerce platform adds “Simplicity” to “Unified” and “Omnichannel”. The platform’s unified architecture allows all commerce-related systems to be simply modeled from a common commerce ontology – ensuring interoperable, real-time information and event exchange across departments, business units, and trading partners.

Any asset coupled to IoT sensors can be modeled as an event-defined system to derive a digital twin for optimizing performance. Organisations can use ControlBEAM digital twins to proactively repair equipment and increase operational efficiency.

City systems can be simply modeled from a cross-industry ontology that ensures interoperability – with the ability to monitor situations and coordinate complex actions in real time across interdependent transportation, building, energy, and public safety systems.

ControlBEAM’s “Connect & Control” UI framework is a universal controller for a digital life, providing a continuum of contextual, on-demand apps for home, shopping, travel, city, and workplace conveniences.

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About ADC Technologies Group  

ADC Technologies provides software, hardware, and consulting services for automated data collection (ADC), unified commerce, and supply chain event management (SCEM) solutions.  ADC specializes in providing affordable, event-driven, edge-to-cloud systems to midsized retailers, distributors and manufacturers using barcode, RFID, and Internet of Things (IoT) platform technologies.  ADC’s products and services help companies throughout the supply chain collect and process actionable events in real-time to improves operational productivity, customer satisfaction, and decision-making. To learn more visit

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