United States, California, Fremont – 02-20-2020 ( — The whole world is drifting towards a vision of financial liberation and a decentralized economy. 

The world that puts the power of financial stability and management of hard-earned funds of humans into their hands.

Blockchain was the liberating disruptive technology that has made this possible, and cryptocurrency is one of the applications of the technology with Bitcoin leading the thread.
 When the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin hit the market, people were intrigued. The value of the new digital currency rose from nothing to more than $2000 per coin until hitting the $20k mark in 2018. When the price of Bitcoin dropped down, people started to question its existence.They were unsure whether these types of digital currencies are as desirable as they are meant to be. However, to everyone’s surprise, the value of Bitcoin has surpassed over $5000 per Bitcoin and many are forecasting that it may reach more than $1Million (one million dollars) per coin in the future.Even with how good these cryptocurrencies tend to be, it has become extremely difficult to profit from mispricing in the market. The recent price surge of Bitcoin has outperformed all other conventional assets, as a result of which more and more investors started to try their hands on Bitcoin through BIP.Introducing BIP, a financial system that enables owners of digital assets to earn interest on their cryptocurrency holdings such as BTC, ETH, LTC, and XRP while its been used to lend to a variety of customer segments including retail investors and money managers with a well-established track record, on a fully collateralized and guaranteed basis. BIP is a privately owned company operating on the Cryptocurrency trade market and has managed over $50 million for institutional investors which is now open to worldwide individual investors. These funds are managed by a team of Bitcoin Investment Project experts. BIP is on a mission to create a more equitable and transparent financial service productoffering that leverages on the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency leading.

The BIP platform allows users to have a very easy to use and understand dashboard where you have your account information, make a Deposit, place a Withdrawal, Check your Deposit list and History with Earning History.   A very interoperable account dashboard where you see the available balance on your profile, total earnings made, pending withdrawals, total withdrawal, active deposit, last deposit, and your total deposit ever made. All in a single user-friendly dashboard.

BIP vision to create an open financial system, where anyone in the world can participate on equal terms from their computer or smartphone in the almost unpredictable crypto space had led to the creation of a referral system for every BIP platform users. In a fast-paced world with lots of investment options available, don’t be left out in the technological space of the future. It’s high time you got your financial freedom in the crypto space – Invest now on

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