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– 02-23-2020 ( — According to the latest academic research, more than 530,000 families file for Bankruptcy in the United States. When you look into the leading causes of this financial crisis, then you know that almost 66.5 percent of all bankruptcy cases caused by expensive medical bills; people can’t afford health care. They take personal loans that tie them to a  vicious cycle of non-payment or late payment. Therefore, they end up filling for Bankruptcy. Other significant reasons that contribute to the growing rate of Bankruptcy in the United States are unaffordable mortgages or foreclosure, overspending, student loans, lending money to friends and relatives, and divorce or separation.

For a moment, when you overlook this research and look at the people around you, then you can see how inflation is making everyone’s life miserable. It’s becoming something impossible to afford daily living expenses. People can’t handle expensive tuition bills; they have to pay taxes and utility expenses. They are unable to make repayment on time after getting a loan because they have other essential living expenses to handle first. As a result, they are forced to pay penalty fees for late loan payment. If they don’t follow a repayment structure, they start getting calls from debt collectors. 

Financial burden and pressure brings stress and in their life.  This situation makes them think about a worst-case scenario, aka declaring themselves bankrupt. It might seem like the right choice to make as it puts an end to all your miseries and troubles. However, it would be best if you always made smart life choices. Don’t pick the wrong road to avoid life hurdles. Try to find a solution to every problem instead.


What is Bankruptcy?

This legal process is started by the debtor, who is unable to repay some or all of his debts. Therefore, he seeks relief from all his debts by filing for Bankruptcy in a court. The debtor could be a person or entity like a bank. He obtains relief from liability, and it happens either by discharging debt or restructuring debt. A court order imposes and declares Bankruptcy of the debtor.


Why is Bankruptcy a Bad Option?

You often hear people saying that Bankruptcy is terrible. They are not entirely wrong. When you declare yourself bankrupt, then this tag will stay with you for a long time. You won’t be able to finance your personal or business projects. You filing for Bankruptcy, you take an entry into a challenging life phase because you will have to build your credit score from zero. It would be tough to get a new loan because Bankruptcy becomes a part of your public record and will stay there, at least for ten years. 


When is Bankruptcy a Good Choice to Make?

However, Bankruptcy is not always a bad option. It looks terrible when you want a debt relief because you are trying to cheat your creditor. However, it will turn good when you are genuinely unable to repay your debts. There are some situations when you are forced to obtain debt relief through Bankruptcy. For example, the sudden death of your breadwinner might force you to seek this last resort. An unforeseen accident increases your medical bills, and you have nothing in hand to handle all that. In such a scenario, it’s a good thing.


How to Know whether Bankruptcy is a Good or Bad Option for You?

The fact is that there are both good and bad sides of Bankruptcy. Filing a for Bankruptcy is a significant life decision that you shouldn’t just take on your own. Seeking professional advice and guidance is undoubtedly the best thing to do.


Know Your Best Financial Option with Concise Management Services 

When you are unable to pay some or all of your debts and this non-payment is killing you inside and bringing everlasting stress in life, then it’s the right time to ask for professional help. Concise Management Services an ultimate service you can get to find the best second financial option for yourself. 

When you think of filing for Bankruptcy, a lot of questions, concerns, and fears constantly hammering your mind. At that time, experts from Concise Management Services come to rescue you. They clear all the doubts; you have about the financial condition that leads to Bankruptcy and tells you whether you should file for this petition in federal court or not. 

Don’t let mental and financial pressure make you a wrong decision that costs you your whole-life credit score and other financial burdens. Before you file for Bankruptcy, try to understand other available options you can try. 

Even when Bankruptcy seems like your last resort, experts from Concise Management Services are there to guide you at every step of your case. And also after that, when you have to build your credit score from zero at the stage of post-bankruptcy.

Feel free to book your appointment and consult your financial matters with a team of experts who have years of experience and knowledge in dealing with all legal and financial issues.

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