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Hair Restoration Company expands its presence to Turkey, the hair transplant capital of the world, catering to price-conscious American, European and Middle Eastern clients by offering MEGA session travel packages.

MAXIM Hair Restoration, a New York based entity with a network of high profile award winning surgeons and doctors operating nationwide in the U.S. and overseas. The company specializes in hair transplantation such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), two of the most successfully permanent and natural looking methods over any other alternative artificial or OTC hair solution on the market.With such a rapidly growing market, Istanbul has become the most innovative and technologically advanced mecca for hair transplants attracting tourists and medical professionals from all over the world. Welcoming each year an average of 250,000 people seeking hair treatment solutions resulting in up to 80% of Turkey’s based surgeons alone who specialize in the practice and application of FUE and FUT. MEGA sessions are offered to patients looking to maximize their budgets and diversify their experience with having the option to receive larger transplants resulting in lower costs per session. Now, clients are able to request up to 4,000 Grafts, resulting in an average of $1 per transplant. In addition, clients can also take advantage of package perks such as accommodations for two nights at an all inclusive hotel, airport transportation, and hair grooming preparations before and after each session.
The center is located conveniently in a state of the art cosmetic hospital on the European side of Turkey providing top tier technology for all in office surgical and non-invasive procedures that are safely performed under local anesthesia and completed only within a few hours within the same day. The procedure entails a process called “harvesting” hair follicles, also known as grafts, which means that the areas that are not affected by thinning or hair loss are redistributed to areas that are balding. This is a minimally invasive technique that is only administered by highly trained surgeons with an extensive background in performing delicate surgeries such as these to prevent any noticeable scaring. 

According to Mac Fadra, CEO of MAXIM Hair Restoration, “We felt the need to establish a presence in Turkey due to the growing demand for affordable, hair transplants worldwide. In Turkey, not only are the prices for surgical hair restoration among the lowest in the world, the hair transplant doctors, nurses and techs are highly qualified and very experienced. These hair restoration specialists can comfortably perform large sessions up to 4,000 or more grafts using the FUE technique. MAXIM is proud to be the only American hair restoration company in Turkey which enables us to offer our American clients the convenience of having consultations, pre-op and post-op care in our U.S. offices even if they have their hair transplant done in Turkey.” 

MAXIM Hair Restoration is located within an accredited cosmetic surgery hospital in the upscale and touristic Nisantasi neighborhood in Istanbul. The hair transplant doctor is a plastic surgeon supported by a team of qualified nurses and hair transplant techs.Prices are $1 per graft with a min. price of $2,500 and includes a two night hotel stay and airport pick and drop. Unlike competitors, there are NO hidden costs, consultation fees or pre-op/post-op charges. Call MAXIM to schedule a complimentary consultation in any of their U.S. offices OR have a virtual consultation by video/Facetime/Skype/What’s App. U.S. Tel. No. for Turkey:  (802) 278-5098
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Tel. (718) 268 6060  About Maxim Hair Restoration:
The company has grown to over 10 locations in the U.S. and overseas including Manhattan (New York City), Long Island (Huntington and Great Neck), Paramus, New Jersey (Bergen County), Chicago (Illinois), DC/Maryland/Northern Virginia, Dallas and Houston (Texas), Los Angeles (California), Dubai, Manila and Cebu in the Philippines. Additional centers are slated to open during 2020 in Austin (Texas), Indianapolis (Indiana), Fort Worth (Texas), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) and other markets.
MAXIM was founded to fulfill the need for affordable hair transplants performed by real surgeons who can transplant up to 4,000 grafts in just one session. The team of hair transplant physicians includes general surgeons, plastic surgeons and fellowship-trained hair transplant surgeons.
MAXIM also offers various non-surgical solutions such as scalp micropigmentation that use advanced, medical grade pigments to camouflage the appearance of hair loss. MAXIM is exploring revolutionary alternatives including stem cell therapy to address advanced hair loss conditions such as alopecia areata, lichen planis, female hair loss, and other conditions that cause irregular hair loss. 

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