Three Best Rated® Award-winning Canadian Mortgage Brokers Reveals the secret of their success.

Canada – 02-26-2020 ( — Buying a house or property is pretty much a dream for everyone. But let’s face it, it is definitely not a walk in the park. I mean applying for a loan, and handling all the paperwork can be stressful. You can never be sure if your loan gets approved by that bank. Or what if there was another bank that has a better loan options and rates for your mortgage, but you are not aware of it?

That’s when a mortgage broker comes in. Mortgage brokers are typically a licenced financial professionals who handle all your paperwork and help you get the loan approved.To make things even more easy for you, Three Best Rated®has listed Top Three Mortgage Brokers in each city. And I had the chance to speak with two women mortgage brokers who are rocking this industry.

Sharon Fauchon:

Sharon Fauchon is one of the leading mortgage brokers in Nanaimo. She has been working with “Invis” since 2004. She got her broker license in 1992 and bought “9 Mid Island Mortgage and Savings North” in 1994 and owned it for about ten years before selling it to Invis, which was an up and coming mega brokerage at that time.She genuinely enjoys working with clients and has helped a lot of people, “I could not love my job more! Working with clients to meet their needs and get them the best rate and mortgage all while making sure they understand every part of the process is the best. Our office is very relaxed and family-friendly, and I have to say I love kids coming in too,” she says happily.Her phone number and office still remains unchanged even after years, which makes it easier for the clients to contact her. “I have a huge database full of clients who keep coming back to me for help,” she says.When asked about her biggest achievement in the industry, Sharon proudly says, “I work for my client, and not the lenders and I give 100% of my heart and soul to every deal regardless of if it is to my benefit or not. I believe I am highly respected in the industry by my peers.” And we all can’t help but admire her dedication and perseverance to help her clients. 

Deb Murdoch:

With over 14 years of experience in the mortgaging industry, Deb Murdoch is one of the Three Best Rated®’s top-rated mortgage brokers in Saskatoon. Even though she had a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Math, she chose a different path and became a mortgage broker. Because she knew she needed a career that allowed her to work with people and numbers, “I was looking for a career where I could help people, and control 100% of the outcome of how successful I would be,” says Deb. When she joined The Mortgage Group, she told the Director that she would give them a year and then decide if she was going to stay or not. Now, fast forward to thirteen years later, she is still with them, loving every minute of it. Her work ethic and passion for helping people is what helped her become one of the most successful mortgage brokers in and around Saskatoon.Deb explains in detail the benefits of refinancing and how it works, “The process for a refinance could involve an appraisal to set the value of the home. Certain lenders will have an internal valuation system that they can value the property, so depending on the loan to value, you might not need an appraisal with these lenders,” she explains. Since you can get 80% of the value, refinancing your home can help you pay off your debts or renovate your home. It will increase the value of your home and also maintain the quality of the home. “Paying off debt with higher interest rates is also a good idea. It typically will put people in a better cash flow position,” Deb advises. Even though short, the conversation has made us understand how much knowledge she possesses and why she is the best in this field.These two amazing women have one thing in common, that is to do their best to save their clients from all the stress of looking for a mortgage loan and help them find the best deal. CONTACT INFORMATION:Sharon Fauchon:Invis – Nanaimo’s Mortgage Experts,A-5107 Somerset Drive,Nanaimo, BC V9T 2K5.Phone: 250-758-1200Email: NanaimosMortgageExperts@invis.caWebsite: Deb Murdoch:TMG The Mortgage Group Inc.,506 Queen StreetSaskatoon, SaskatchewanS7K 0M5Phone: 1-866-935-3416Email: debm@mortgagegroup.comWebsite:

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