VictimsFight.Com, First Non-Profit Website, to Seek Justice for Millions of Helpless Victims of Sex Harassment, Illegal Discrimination, and Consumer Fraud Nationwide

United States, New York, New York – 02-26-2020 ( — Americans United for Equal Justice – a non-profit dedicated to bringing equal justice to all, including millions of low income victims of sexual harassment, illegal discrimination, consumer fraud, and other illegal conduct across America – has just launched its VictimsFight.Com website. A mobile app will also be released soon for downloading on any mobile device.  

VictimsFight.Com is designed to revolutionize the current system of victims’ complaint handling and for most efficient organization of victims nationwide to seek justice against any abusive, powerful, and wealthy corporations without the need to hire any expensive attorneys.  By promoting fair and relatively quick handling of victims’ complaints, VictimsFight.Com expects to disrupt the current justice system that appears to be trapped in a vicious cycle of unethical and inherently corrupt practices where an average victim with even substantial claims but modest means may never get any justice.  

Americans United for Equal Justice was founded by a former Senior Management Analyst of the prestigious Columbia University, Randy S. Raghavendra, after having litigated a multi-million dollar race discrimination and retaliation case against Columbia itself during the past fifteen years. AUEJ has also simultaneously launched its ColumbiaVictims.Com website to assist the victims of racial discrimination and or sexual harassment at Columbia.  Recently, criminal charges were brought against a Columbia University doctor for sexually assaulting over 17 women, including the wife of Presidential hopeful, Andrew Yang. The website also lists the cases against several Columbia professors who have either been sued or have resigned after having demanded sexual favors from their female students at the New York based Ivy League. 

The 59-years old Founder said “if VictimsFight.Com existed some fifteen years ago, there would not be the Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein or the Jeffrey Epstein sexual assault scandals now because their victims would have been able to confidentially register their complaints and VictimsFight.Com would have come to their rescue by immediately organizing against each of their high-powered, celebrity aggressors.”    

Raghavendra said that VictimsFight.Com is the first civil rights organization that intends to fight individual discrimination and sexual harassment by raising funds primarily through donations and partnering with ethical attorneys across the United States for seeking meaningful relief for millions of voiceless victims in an organized fashion not only through individual and class action litigation but also seeking criminal prosecution and organizing for change of laws for protecting the rights of even the lowest income victims of illegal discrimination and sexual harassment. To protect their personal identify and prevent any retaliation, VictimsFight.Com would allow the confidential registration of complaints by simply using an anonymous email address without even revealing the victim’s name or other personal information. 

VictimsFight.Com is on a mission to also become the largest civil rights organization in America and provide ethical attorney representation to all victims whose rights were substantially violated, regardless of how poor they may be.  At the present time, there are no other civil rights organizations, including the ACLU or the NAACP, that provide any individual attorney representation in the David vs. Goliath cases of any of the low-income and helpless victims.  As a result, the existing civil rights laws are not taken seriously by most large corporations and wealthy individuals. Instead of providing any real equal opportunity, many large corporations view the civil rights laws merely as a nuisance or a small hurdle that needs to be overcome for continuing their discriminatory practices with impunity and by taking advantage to the maximum the lack of any ethical attorney representation for the overwhelming majority of victims of discrimination and sexual harassment.                      

The dark-skinned, Indian-American Founder said his own 15-years litigation is an excellent example of the plight of millions of low income discrimination victims today. His civil rights organization intends to provide ethical attorney representation in as many cases as possible. He said “If a prestigious institution such as Columbia, which is expected to be promoting and protecting civil rights, is itself abusing the judicial system to the maximum and is able to pay-off a $650,000 “bribe” to some most unethical attorneys to deprive the basic constitutional rights of even a highly accomplished executive with two master’s degrees and twenty five years of professional accomplishments such as him, almost anybody in America could be a helpless victim tomorrow.”   

National Crime Victimization Survey conducted by FiveThirtyEight.Com estimates that people in the U.S. experienced over 320,000 incidents of rape and sexual assault in just one year. That works out to 1.2 such assaults per 1,000 people age 12 or older.  44% of the victims were people with household incomes of less than $25,000.  When you compare the lowest- and highest-income groups, the difference  in victimization rates is stark: People with household incomes of less than $7,500 reported a victimization rate of 4.8 incidents per 1,000 persons age 12 or older, which  is 12 times the rate reported by those with household incomes greater than $75,000 (0.4 per 1,000). Further, 77 percent of incidents of rape and sexual assault are not reported to the police, according to the NCVS.  A survey conducted by Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the largest government agency to  protect the equal opportunity rights in employment, found that 70 percent of people  who experience harassment never talk to a supervisor or manager about it. Surveys suggest that workplace sexual harassment is widespread. 

Research points to fear of retaliation and legal hurdles as reasons that workers often don’t come forward with harassment claims, particularly in the low-wage workforce. Many employees, especially at small or male-dominated companies, don’t believe their complaints will be taken seriously internally. But reporting to external authorities can carry its own risks: Employers are notified of complaints filed with the EEOC and similar agencies, and although retaliation is illegal, there have been  numerous cases of companies firing workers or altering their work schedules after  they file complaints with management or a government agency. 

Raghavendra pointed that the current justice system is designed to render justice only for the large and powerful corporations and a few already wealthy and or high-profile victims who can afford to pay tens of thousands of dollars in attorney fees. The average victim cannot seek justice in the current system as he or she simply cannot afford to retain a $500/hour attorney or a powerful law firm for obtaining any justice. He added that even the few attorneys and law firms that may represent a victim on a contingency fee basis are easily corruptible by the large and wealthy corporations as they can easily buy-off the loyalty of any such plaintiffs’ attorneys by making some kind of a deal where the plaintiffs’ attorneys are paid off to betray and or sell-out their clients.    

In a study conducted by the American Bar Association, an overwhelming  69% of the respondents believed that “Lawyers are more interested in making money than in serving their clients.”  Further, most consumers say that lawyers do a poor job of policing each other. A whopping 74% of respondents did not believe that the legal profession does a good job of disciplining lawyers.  Even the American Bar Association itself is viewed as an “Old Boys Network” more similar to a union or club than a professional association. Consumers feel that they have no recourse if their attorney fails to properly represent them.  Only 33% of the respondents expressed confidence in the judiciary system and the judges who are supposed to be the guardians of justice.     

Clearly, illegal discrimination is a widespread problem. A study conducted by the Harvard University School of Public Health regarding discrimination in America showed that  68% women believe they get discriminated, 92% Blacks believe they get discriminated, 78% Latinos believe they get discriminated, 55% Whites believe they get discriminated, and 90% of LGBTQ people believe they get discriminated. Workplace discrimination in hiring, promotions, and equal pay are the most frequently reported forms of discrimination. 50% of Blacks and 27% of Latinos believe they get discriminated in their interactions with the Police.  Discrimination lawsuits are therefore rising rapidly with increased awareness, social media feeds, and increased coverage.  In the year 2017, the “New York Times” had over 1,600 articles and the “Washington Post” had over 2,000 articles where the word “discrimination” appears.  

Statistics recently published by the Center for Public Integrity show that the EEOC had repeatedly failed millions of low-income and most vulnerable victims of illegal discrimination and sexual harassment across America over the years.  Of the over one million discrimination complaints filed with the government since 2010, the agency completed an investigation in less than two percent of those cases and in more than half of that small number of cases, the worker received nothing (monetary or otherwise.)  The EEOC initiated litigation in only less than three tenths of one percent (0.3%) of the complaints filed.  Further, to add insult to injury, between the fiscal years 1980 and 2017, the EEOC’s staffing declined by 39 percent to just 2,082 while the American workforce increased by 50 percent during the same period. 

Discrimination claims make up the majority of complaints that go on to become lawsuits, at 87%. Several federal and state laws protect employees against discrimination based on race and sex (the vast majority), national origin, religion, and color. Another law, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, prevents discriminating against people over 40 years old. Other laws prohibit discrimination based on criteria like disabilities or being pregnant. 

To fight any institutionalized discrimination practices in large corporations, VictimsFight.Com intends to seek simultaneous relief for multiple victims through class action litigation that provide victims real relief instead of just enriching any less than ethical attorneys.  A report prepared by Mayer Brown, LLP for the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform showed that the vast majority of class actions produced no benefits to most members of the putative class at all — even though in a number of those cases the lawyers who sought to represent the class often enriched themselves in the process (and the lawyers representing the defendants always did).   

VictimsFight.Com intends to obtain class action relief for tens of thousands of victims every year by partnering with only the most ethical of the law firms who truly care about the victims.  According to a report of Seyfarth Shaw, a leading class action law firm, in 2019, the Plaintiffs in employment cases scored wins on class certification motions at record rates. In 1,467 decisions in cases brought against employers in federal and state courts across the country in 2019, plaintiffs secured conditional class certification rulings in 81% of wage and hour cases, 65% of ERISA cases, and 64% of employment discrimination cases.  As measured by the top 10 largest settlements in various workplace categories, the overall amount of workplace settlements increased to $1.34 billion, compared to $1.32 billion in 2018. The EEOC, however, brought only a mere 144 lawsuits in 2019 and the settlement value of the top ten settlements in government enforced cases decreased drastically to $57.52 million.   
Columbia’s former Senior Management Analyst said that because VictimsFight.Com is founded on the blood, sweat, and tears of his 15-years struggle against Columbia University, he is in an unique position to help millions of other victims of discrimination based on lessons learned from his own suffering. He alleged that Columbia’s $400/hour to $1,000/hour attorneys at Proskauer Rose, LLP colluded and bribed his own one-of-six-cases/out-going attorney, Louis D. Stober, and fraudulently converted a $650,000 back-bay damages that was awarded by noted labor arbitrator, Martin F. Scheinman, for a limited settlement that allowed the organization of the first anti-discrimination minority employees association at Columbia into hundreds of thousands of dollars in “attorney bribe” payments to all the colluding attorneys.   

Raghavendra’s claims of Columbia “bribing” his own “client-betraying” attorney Stober to betray, abuse his extrajudicial connections to a jurisdiction-lacking federal judge, and commit repeated fraud against his own client are currently being litigated in federal courts.  He has asserted that, by abusing his extrajudicial connections, Stober was able to hijack all of his five pending actions against Columbia including an impending $200 million dollars class action during the period of its worst racial crisis that included anti-racism hunger-strikes, hanging nooses, swastikas, “Plantation Mentality and Blacks Were Invented for Cheap Slave Labor” articles, without paying a single penny to any of the thousands of victims of illegal discrimination at that 268-years old Ivy League, and that VictimsFight.Com may be the only last hope for such victims.  

Even though VictimsFight.Com is being launched now to seek relief primarily for victims of discrimination, sexual harassment, and consumer fraud, a mobile app version is expected to be launched soon that would allow for real-time confidential registration of any kind of complaint whatsoever against anybody at any time, including whistleblowers complaints regarding public corruption, criminal misconduct, government waste, corruption in the courts, unethical attorney misconduct, and even bad customer service.   

VictimsFight.Com intends to maintain one large national database of all complaints for most efficient organizing of all victims of any powerful individuals, all victims within individual corporations, all victims within individual towns, and all victims within individual counties against any kind of injustice and for fighting any kind of illegal discrimination, harassment, and corruption at all levels on a continuing basis anywhere in America.   

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