ThreeBestRated® award-winning Massage Therapists talk about the benefits of Massage Therapy!

Canada – 02-20-2020 ( — Gone are the days when people thought of massages as a form of luxury. Now people have realized its significance and are regularly visiting spas to keep themselves healthy.

Getting a proper massage from an experienced massage specialist can help your body get all the benefits of a massage. So, how do you find a good Massage Spa? The easiest way would be searching online. But then again, there are numerous spas, and finding the best one can be challenging. That is why Three Best Rated® has listed the Top Three Massage Therapy Clinics in all cities

Steveston Medi Spa:

Steveston Medi Spa is one of the Three Best Rated® award-winning Massage Therapy Clinics in Richmond. They are also one of the finalists for the Massage Studio of the Year award at The British Columbia Hair & Beauty Awards. “Our main goal is to help our clients forget about everyday stress and create an environment where everything is calm, peaceful and enjoyable,” explains June, the Manager of Steveston Medi Spa. “Our professional and experienced masseuses and estheticians would like nothing more than put our clients at ease and make their Spa experience enjoyable,” she adds. Their Signature Massage combines Deep Tissue Massage and Swedish Massage to give the customers the ultimate relaxing experience. The customers can also get a complimentary Basic Hot Stone Massage and Heated Massage Table upon request.Luxury Hot Stone Massage is one of the customer’s all-time favourite massage. “Hot Stone Massage is a special massage that uses smooth and heated stones. It is a deeply soothing and relaxing form of massage,” June explains. The heat from the stone not only helps release tight muscles but also increases circulation, reduces pain, and improves overall mental health. To maximize and maintain the therapeutic effects, June recommends getting a Hot Stone Massage once a week.June recommends Lymphatic Drainage Massage for people who are looking for a massage technique to remove the toxins for the body, “Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a form of massage that aims to increase the flow of the lymph and general blood circulation. The masseuse uses gentle and long rhythmic strokes along the body, especially at places where the lymph nodes are situated,” she says. Lymphatic Drainage Massage can also reduce stress and can speed up the body’s natural healing process. June further explains, frequently getting a massage can Enhance blood circulation, muscle flexibility, release muscle tension, reduce pain and can even improve our posture. They are open on Monday – Saturday from 10 am – 8 pm, and on Sundays from 12 am – 8 pm. 

Sabai Thai Healing Clinic & Spa:

Sabai Thai Healing Clinic & Spa is a family-owned spa business with genuine roots and masterful training from Thailand. Initially, they operated as a home clinic in the Martindale neighbourhood in 2012. They opened Sabai Thai Healing Clinic & Spa as a full-fledged Med Spa in September 2018.A skillful team paired with impeccable service is what scored them a place in the listing of Three Best Rated®. “We are the only spa in Calgary that provides the Thai Herbal Ball Compress Massage. The compress ball is made 100% from organic herbs and is completely compostable,” says Kate Paphitchaya, Healthcare Ambassador of Sabi Thai Healing Clinic & Spa. “Our clinic is customer-orientated, and we strive to bring every client a relaxing experience,” she says. They offer complimentary herbal tea and coffee to all their clients so they could sit and relax after the massage. They are famous for their signature Reflexology Massage. Though on first look, it seems like a foot massage, Kate explains its significance and points out the difference between a regular Foot Massage and Reflexology Massage. “Reflexology massage is applying pressure to reflex zones in the feet, which are zones that connect the foot to other parts of the body. A foot massage is applying pressure to relieve soft tissues on and around the foot,” she says. While a foot massage can provide relief from soreness and discomfort, a Reflexology Massage can reduce stress, increase energy, relieve pain, stimulate the digestive system, improves your mood, and decrease hot flashes. Hence by getting a reflexology massage, you are taking care of all your body parts. “The pressure applied during our massage sessions depends on how comfortable our clients are. Our therapist will adjust to whichever pressure level the client chooses, hence why communication prior and during the massage is crucial to us,” Kate further explains. She advises people to soak in an Epsom salt hot bath or ice any sore spots after the reflexology massage and avoid engaging in any extreme activity. “Allow a day or two for your body to adjust first and stay hydrated,” she says. They are currently working on opening a second clinic in the Savanna neighbourhood in the Northeast area. You can visit them from 9:30 am – 8:00 pm every day.  CONTACT INFORMATION: Steveston Medi Spa:#135-11331 Coppersmith Way,?Richmond, BC V7A 5J9.Phone: 604-272-1010Email: [email protected]Website: Sabai Thai Healing Clinic & Spa:Suite 201, 4851 Westwinds Drive NECalgary, AlbertaT3J4L4.Phone: 403 483 2715Email: [email protected]Website:

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