Michael Everest DeMarco Strengthens & Supports Medical Education On A Philanthropic Level

– 02-27-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — Dr. Michael Everest supports medical education initiatives. Through his foundation, Everest Foundation, he allocates millions of dollars every year to solve some of the world’s most pressing medical challenges. The best place to solve these problems is in top medical schools all over America.

Dr. Everest’s philanthropy promotes medical research and education with a focus on global health. The present-day global health challenges including cancer, high-threat pathogens, antimicrobial resistance, and neurological conditions, can best be addressed with a significant investment in medical research. Dr. Michael Everest is empowering the next generation of medical researchers who will solve complex medical challenges.Through long-term sponsorships to leading medical schools like UC-Davis and New York Medical School, Dr. Michael Everest has been able to promote breakthrough research in areas such as spinal injuries and stem cell technology. The future of medicine is stem cells. Michael Everest DeMarco is proud to have made a major contribution in this area. Stem cells hold the key to treating spinal code injuries, stroke, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. Spinal injuries affect a significant percentage of the American population. According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, the leading causes of spinal injuries are vehicle accidents, falls, violence, sports activities, and surgery.In most cases, serious spinal injuries lead to permanent disability. A partnership between Michael Everest DeMarco and the exoskeleton and SCI research team at the Bronx VA facilitated a breakthrough treatment for spinal injuries. The Everest Foundation funds this project. This is one of the few places in America where there is extensive research on spinal cord injuries. Dr. Michael Everest was inspired to see men and women who were wheelchair-bound walk again as a result of the efforts of the exoskeleton and SCI research team. He is happy that he made a contribution to the success of this project. Michael Everest DeMarco will continue funding projects like this that make a positive impact on humanity. The Everest Foundation under the leadership of Dr. Michael Everest has been instrumental in supporting doctoral fellows in their medical research initiatives. A number of postdoctoral research trainees from the Keck School of Medicine have already benefited from the Edwin Everest Foundation Fund. The Keck School of Medicine is one of the biggest beneficiaries of Dr. Everest’s initiatives. Michael Everest DeMarco gifted the Keck School of Medicine with $1M. This funding has already supported a postgraduate research fellow in the Department of Head and Neck Surgery.Organizations affiliated with the Keck School of Medicine such as the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles are expected to benefit from the $10 million donation. Pediatric health is something that is very close to the heart of Dr. Everest. He was pleased that through his funding, the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles was able to further innovations in pediatric clinical care.  Dr. Michael Everest arrival has been instrumental in promoting medical initiatives in third world countries. His foundation has sponsored a number of community-based hospitals in poor countries. These hospitals are funded by the government. In most cases, government funding is not sufficient to sustain these hospitals. Dr. Michael Everest dreams of a world where everyone has access to quality health care. Developing countries face many healthcare problems. They have poorly equipped health facilities. In addition, they have a talent shortage.Addressing the medical talent gap in countries like India and Pakistan is one of the goals of Dr. Michael Everest. In most developing countries, medical schools provide good basic science training. However, they don’t provide good research training.Michael Everest DeMarco sponsors international students to obtain the research training that they lack. Dr. Everest has partnered with UC-Davis to launch a $500K fund supporting pathology training for international medical graduates.  UC-Davis Medical School is reputable for its world-class medical research. This university also has a significant population of international students. Michael Everest DeMarco established The Everest Foundation in memory of his father with the purpose of supporting charitable activities. Dr. Everest believes in strengthening medical education through effectuating ground-breaking research.

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