2020 Three Best Rated® Award-winning Canadian Criminal Defense Lawyers shares their Journey

Canada – 03-03-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — Criminal defense lawyers are the real saviors when it comes to defending someone against criminal charges. Being a criminal defense lawyer is highly imperative, and undoubtedly one of the most challenging professions in the world. Practicing criminal law is a journey that is nothing short of amazing. From Domestic assault to theft and shoplifting, criminal law covers several sensitive offenses. Mastering these laws, exceptional communication skills, maintaining the confidentiality of the client, and having a track record of high success rate are the traits of the best criminal defense lawyer.

ThreeBestRated® has recognized the best criminal defense lawyers and awarded them with the prestigious ThreeBestRated® Award for the year 2020. A few of them have shared about their journey to success. They are  Celine Dostaler from Ottawa, ON, Elizabete Costa from Victoria, BC, and Jag Virk from Hamilton, ON.


Celine was called to the bar in 2010 and has been a criminal defense lawyer for ten years now. She dedicated herself to this profession. She says, “I have always wanted to help people, and criminal defense work seemed like the best way to do so.” Celine offers her legal advice in English and French as she doesn’t want anything to be lost in translation in or out of court.

Celine says, “Sexual offenses are one of the few types of crimes in Canada in which someone with no criminal record could be sentenced to long periods of jail if they are convicted.” Remarkably, she has a proven track record of acquittals for sexual offenses. She works tirelessly to defend her clients and to get an acquittal for them. Her best achievement in her career is successfully starting a business. She is a sole practitioner who works alone, answers all her calls, emails, and any communication by herself. She prides herself in successfully surmounting a sexual assault case at a time when everyone said it was an impossible case to win.


“Anything that involves Change, Fairness, and Justice is my game! ” – Elizabete Costa

Elizabete Costa has two decades of experience in practicing criminal law. She says, “I love doing Crim Law. Both sides of the equation are fascinating: prosecuting and defending.” After almost seventeen and a half years in the crown counsel, she decided to try the defense side. She considers her background as a prosecutor as an asset.

Elizabete says, “My best achievement as a defense counsel has been helping people to achieve justice. Not everyone who is charged is guilty. When I know that a Client is innocent, it’s nerve-racking, and one must fight to ensure justice is served.” She feels immensely proud of being recognized as a ThreeBestRated® Criminal Defense Lawyer.


Jag has 13 years of experience in practicing law. His law firm has a successful track record in defending criminal charges. He says, “we are committed to providing our clients with flat rate fees with transparency, so the clients can see where their money is being spent.” Jag says, “My best achievement is working hard for my clients and navigating defendants through the courts, and getting the best results.”

Jag specializes in multiple disciplines of criminal law including assault, sexual assault, DUI, weapons, and drug charges. He believes that criminal cases could be complex and would take a long time. That is why it is crucial to choose the best defense lawyer. And Jag says, “We employ the right defense team, and can get you the best outcome for your case.”





200 Elgin St, Suite 901,

Ottawa ON K2P 1L5

Phone: (613) 863-8595

E-mail: celine@celinedostaler.ca

Website: https://www.celinedostaler.ca/



300-848 Courtney Street

Victoria, BC, V8W 1C4

Phone: (250) 940-3584

E-mail: MEC@costalaw.ca

Website: https://www.costalaw.ca/



1 Hunter St E,

Hamilton, ON L8N 3W8

Phone: (888) 524-8475

E-mail: Jag@Virk.ca

Website: https://jagvirklawyers.com/

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