New Studio in Atlanta, GA Area Combines Energetic Chiropractic Using NetworkSpinal Technique and Yoga

United States, Georgia, Atlanta – 03-03-2020 ( — AVO Health, an innovative new studio offering a unique blend of chiropractic care and yoga, has opened for business in the Atlanta area. Located on Clairmont Avenue in Northeast Atlanta, AVO promises the opportunity for clients who haven’t gotten relief from conventional medicine and practices to find that relief in a comfortable location that provides unique, state-of-the-art treatment. 

AVO Health Studio bases their care around two primary modalities: a gentle chiropractic technique that integrates neurological efficiency and the body’s natural energy channels called NetworkSpinal, and a yoga curriculum that melds tenets of the East with those of the West. Team AVO feels that what makes them unique is their commitment to not only focusing on pain relief but helping their clients learn to live a better, healthier, more positive life. “Many people come to us after trying other options that just don’t work for them,” says chiropractor and founder Dr. Andrew S. Wright. “Whether it’s traditional medicine, diet-based weight loss programs, or something else, nothing is going to work unless it empowers people to have the energy to heal themselves. That’s where AVO comes in. Through chiropractic and yoga, we equip you and your body with the tools to heal itself better.” 

The treatments available at AVO Health Studio don’t attack the symptoms of a condition — they are designed to get at the root causes. Says Dr. Wright, “you could take a pill to relieve chronic pain, but it would only be a temporary solution. By finding the source of that pain, you’re able to create lasting, sustainable change.” 

The group’s embrace of NetworkSpinal is backed by science: a study performed by UC Irvine researchers found that patients who underwent network care reported fewer instances of stress, depression, and fatigue, and overall, were able to live a healthier lifestyle. 

This innovative chiropractic treatment is combined with yoga to create true balance for clients of AVO Health Studio. According to yoga instructor Elissa M. Albert, “one of the ways we enable our clients to find healing with us is to unlock a deep understanding of both body and mind through mindfulness, meditation, and yoga.” 

About AVO Health Studio 

AVO is focused on building a community of specialists who dedicate their lives to developing treatment expertise. AVO doctors and practitioners are committed to their own professional growth to be able to provide the best experience for their clients continually. They focus their care on healing every aspect of their clients, including the physical body, the emotional experience, the mental processing, and the spiritual connection.

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