Non-Profit Organization Reorganizes to Assist Veterans

United States, Nevada, North Las Vegas – 03-02-2020 ( — FOR GENERAL RELEASE 2 March 2020 Contact: (702) 379-5286 NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION REORGANIZES TO ASSIST VETERANS LAS VEGAS, NV –The Esprit de Corps Corporation is proud to announce we have attained 501 (c) (3) status, which has completed our tax-exempt group structure under the terms of Internal Revenue Service 509(a)(2) status as a Veteran public charity. As of this announcement, we have fulfilled our goal of creating a multifaceted tax-exempt entity, including a property company, an investment division under our foundation, to develop facilities for our two membership directorates. Attaining this tax status has required a considerable amount of time, patience, planning and research according to Eugene Hill, President of the Esprit de Corps Corporation “but it has allowed us to organize a multipurpose corporation that has the complete infrastructure to fully support Veteran initiatives in rural communities and urban, suburban and exurban areas. Our combined staff will give members of our Heroes Club and Esprit de Veterans Corps chapters, the tools they need to find purpose and place in all regions of the country.” 

The Esprit de Corps Corporation will soon announce the location and development of its first signature Esprit de Corps™ City, which was originally planned by a Las Vegas-based architect and urban planner. The City concept has evolved to leverage opportunities not recognized by most planners in federal agencies, local government, and community agencies, the Veterans Administration, and the Department of Defense. Joining the Council of Development Financial Agencies and public support will enable Esprit de Corps to design-build-manage its City developments in areas near VA Medical Centers or large Veterans Outreach centers. Veterans can expect them to include Veteran Town Halls, business centers, collaborative graduate medical education programs, collaborative undergraduate programs, Indoor and outdoor entertainment venues, food and retail venues, fitness and sports facilities, transitional housing, and specialized homes for paraplegic or quadriplegic Veterans and families. Most importantly, the cities will offer picturesque plazas and pavilions or museums and art galleries honoring past Veterans that will instill pride and comradery uncommon to most urban and rural communities. Additional investment fund plans are underway to develop transitional villages, Heroes Club Rest and Relaxation resorts in the US, Canada and Mexico, cooperative universities, senior villages, and retirement homes. “The mission of the Esprit de Corps, as I see it, is to complete the military recruit and release model used to attract millions of young people to join the Armed Service with an impressive exit model. It is equally important to provide a good exit or landing plan when returning home. The moral high ground each of them holds after service requires a special place that instills a self-awareness of who they have become, how civilians will receive the,m and how to leverage their patriotic celebrity. That is why we feel it is important to locate near VA medical centers because it community building with health, and social interaction,” said Hill. The vision for this Millennial-focused concept began as Heroes Club International, Inc., a membership-based idea to reduce suicides and create environments for homeless Gulf War Veterans. Now we’ve envisioned adding a physical space specifically needed by Cold War who never saw a place for themselves that matched the service they gave. “As simple as it sounds to most people (civilians), changing the cognitive dynamic between coming home and comprehensively coming home after military service requires a unique focus of reintroducing a Veteran to their community with PURPOSE and PLACE,” says Hill. “Many organizations addressing life-challenging problems like drug addiction or gang violence, establish their mission as building purpose for people who have lost or never had perspective. Our Esprit de Corps Cities™ model will give both PURPOSE and PLACE to returning Heroes. It can challenge these men and women to reconfigure their “service to country” mindset to “service tothe community,” while they are exploring life choices.” -30- For information regarding Esprit de Corps Cities™ investment opportunities, public donations, volunteer or paid opportunities with the Esprit de Veterans Corps or the Heroes Club International, Inc. chapters, call (702) 379-5286 for more details.

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