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Canada, Ontario, Toronto – 03-04-2020 ( — Serene Farms now stock exclusive Live Resin products created by Dope Boys, one of the best-quality Live Resin brands on the market.  

Live Resin is a pure form of cannabis extract that uses flash-freezing to preserve the complex terpene profiles of cannabis plants.  Not only does Live Resin combine all the benefits of concentrated cannabis and preserves all the subtleties of the fresh plants, but it also offers a very convenient way to consume your favorite strain.  Live Resin can be smoked in the same manner as any other form of cannabis resin.  It can be dropped into the big old bong, placed on a dab rig, or simply dropped into your usual vape pen.    The quality of Live Resin compared to other forms of concentrate is abundantly clear for any experienced cannabis user.  This difference in experience has, understandably, led to Live Resin being much in demand. The considerable demand for Live Resin has made it both scarce and expensive.  However, now Serene Farms can offer its customers the opportunity to purchase four great Live Resin products directly from its website.Produced by Dope Boys, customers can choose from Animal cookie, G Plan, Lemon Meringue and Citrus Skunk.Toronto, March 4, 2020 Live Resin is extracted in a cryogenic process with freshly harvested buds being plucked off the plant and then immediately placed in a deep-freeze.  This enables producers to preserve much more of the vital, terpene-rich essential oils that identify a particular strain’s unique qualities, make such a difference to the quality of the product and give educated cannabis consumers so much pleasure.  After the extraction process, Live Resin cools into a brittle substance much like shatter and, like all other forms of concentrate, requires a device for it to be consumed.  A number of different forms of equipment are available for the consumption of Live Resin. Some argue the best way to heat Live Resin is the old-school way – on a ceramic nail attachment.  The nail is heated with a standard kitchen torch and then left for a few seconds. This allows you to heat the Live Resin to be heated to a slightly lower temperature and this helps the user inhale more of the precious terpenes.   Dab rigs, sometimes known as oil rigs, are popular, but not always the most convenient option as they require extra tools and are not the easiest thing to operate outside the home without being noticed.  In comparison, vaporizers offer a much more discreet option.  One of the big advantages of vaporisers is that they come in all sizes to suit almost any situation.  Some are only suitable for use in the home, while others are as slender and inconspicuous as a pen. Live Resin can simply be paced into the chamber and smoked in the same manner as vape oil.Live Resin is available to order now from the Serene Farms website. 

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