David “DT” Toliver named “Most Inspirational Member Of The Year for 2021” by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP)

NEVADA, USA – 03-07-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — David “DT” Toliver, Motivational Speaker and Operations Lieutenant for the Henderson Police Department’s (HPD), Corrections Division in Nevada, was recently selected by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) as the Most Inspirational Member for 2021. 

Inclusion with the International Association of Top Professionals is an honor in itself, and only 1 person is selected for this distinction. Lt. Toliver is being recognized for his exemplary efforts and genuine dedication to inspire and empower professionals all over the world, while enhancing society through his service. 

Lt. Toliver was honored at IAOTP’s 2019 Annual Awards Gala at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas for his induction into the IAOTP’s Hall of Fame, representing the law enforcement community.   His stellar commitment to serving and protecting the community of Henderson, Nevada has been unwavering.

The President of IAOTP Stephanie Cirami stated, “Choosing Lt. Toliver for this award was an easy decision for our panel to make. He is an effective leader, who adds true substance and depth to every role he has served. As he oversees the training for officers and clerical staff, Lt. Toliver displays integrity and commitment to his community and the Henderson Police Department (HPD), and since being recognized by the IAOTP as a unique individual, he still managed to show genuine empathy and compassion for people during the most difficult and trying times of their lives.  This is what makes Lt.Toliver so phenomenal.”

Specifically, since receiving the IAOTP’s coveted Law Enforcement Officer of the year award for 2018, he continued to lead by example for his department, by committing to the cause of Hope for Prisoners.  Hope For Prisoners has been rated as the ‘Number-One Rated’ Re-entry program in the country, for those convicted of crimes and incarcerated at various levels of the criminal justice system. Once he could see how much the program embraced law enforcement as part of their success, he became a certified ‘mentor’, and was quickly assigned a ‘mentee’.  At some point, the program grew to have 200+ mentors, and the Director of The Mentor Program needed a unit to move the program along as the Hope For Prisoners Organization re-organized and adjusted for the speed at which it was growing. DT’s enthusiasm and drive to raise the bar of empowerment for the ‘mentor’ was quickly noticed. He became one of the speakers at the Hope For Prisoners weekly meeting, and eventually, he was unanimously, voted to be The Chair of the Mentor Committee, charged with motivating and inspiring Hope for Prisoners Mentors via proctoring leaderless discussions and availing himself to one-on-one assistance to any and all of the 200+ Hope For Prisoners Mentors.  As the Hope For Prisoners restructured and his position was no longer needed, he increased his involvement as a mentor by taking on 3 more mentees, and continues to ‘fire up’ the cause’, by representing HPD’s support at monthly graduations.

As a committed HPD employee, Lt David Toliver, also, volunteered to represent the supervisors’ level of the Lifeline HPD Peer Support Team, so that supervisors are not forgotten when subjected to traumatic incidents.

From the community’s perspective, during this same time period, he was sought after to become the dedicated motivational speaker for the Foothill H.S. Varsity Boys Basketball Team, in Henderson, Nevada.  He was given ‘free reign’ to inject whatever message was needed during the season, after games and during practice. His messages were, often coincidental to the push for players to be great, responsible, and influential student athletes.  One of sayings was, “Anyone can be a student, and anyone can be an athlete, but to be a student-athlete, one has a, totally, different responsibility…. Some would say a tougher responsibility!” “Definitely, don’t forget to Be a good person!”  His favorite last words to anyone is to check oneself, for you should strive to be thankful and humble, at all times.  

Furthermore, his most recent, additional, mission is to set his 75-year-old mother up for success, as she lives her elderly years with Alzheimer’s.  He openly discussed his mom’s condition to the Foothill Basketball Team that he mentored, by re-introducing her to the kids after the games. To keep ‘Mom’ living with some excitement, he closely monitored her, as a former HPD range instructor, when she shot her first 6 bullets of her life at the range. DT realizes that she, quickly, forgets all of her momentous experiences, within minutes; however, seeing her enjoy a moment in her Alzheimer’s journey is still priceless.  In his words, “It has been such a humbling, yet motivating experience, to see ‘mom’ smile, even though the memories being created today are wiped-out within minutes of the experience. Stay thankful!”

Overall, being a Henderson Police Department Captain is still his goal, but now it is accompanied with Mom, and to raise the bar of his department’s awareness of Alzheimer’s in the community. 

We are truly honored to name him as Most Inspirational Member for 2021 and look forward to presenting him this award at the Plaza Hotel in NYC this December.”

Lt. David Toliver has extensive service experience as an Instructor and Law Enforcement Officer. His impressive repertoire of prior leadership roles have included: Instructor for The Nevada Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST), for which he serves as an, often requested, instructor for the curriculums of Nevada Law Enforcement’s 1st Line Supervisor and Management POST Certificates.  Lt. Toliver assists neighboring police agencies training programs as a NV POST Advanced Instructor Development Instructor, while earning a reputation for motivating Supervisors and Officers, aspiring to be Supervisors via the ‘Effective Communication’ course. In the Corrections World, he was one of the first, in the state of Nevada, to earn the American Jail Association’s highest designation of Corrections Jail Manager, via The Jail Manager Certification Commission.  

As for his commitment to the Henderson Police Department, he had the unique opportunity to serve as the Southern Desert Regional Police Academy Commanding Sergeant, which is dedicated to HPD and surrounding agencies. Lt. Toliver taught himself Spanish to the skill level in which he is recognized by The City of Henderson as a Certified Department Spanish Speaker. He held the position of Gang Intelligence Unit Sergeant and Lieutenant, and he served as a department instructor for Firearms, Taser, and Defensive Tactics.  He, also, held the position Executive Board Member for his Department’s Henderson Police Supervisors Association since 2005.  

When Lt. Toliver wasn’t working, he enjoyed being a sought-after Motivational Speaker for UNLV Athletes (Men’s Basketball, Women’s Volleyball, and Baseball, to name a few), Youth Basketball camps, grade school and high school students, Youth at Risk organizations and families upon request, and even the Corporate World’s Nevada based Al Phillips Dry Cleaners. 

He received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with emphasis on Aerospace Structures from the United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado, in 1989.  Prior to Mom’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, Lt. Toliver enjoyed teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to children ages 4 – 12, and is still an aspiring purple belt under the Late Carlson Gracie Martial Arts System. Additionally, he graduated from the National Institute of Corrections, Executive Leadership Program called “Executive Excellence” which is highly selective, and relative to the police executive’s leadership curriculum taught at the FBI Academy.

Throughout his illustrious career, Lt. Toliver has been active in his community and recognized worldwide for his remarkable leadership and devotion to the law enforcement industry. He has received awards, accolades’ and has been featured in publications and magazines such as Who’s Who, Top Industry Expert, Pro-Files Magazine and for 2018 & 2019 selected as Top Law Enforcement Officer of the Year with the International Association of Top Professionals.  For 2020 he will be featured on the famous Reuters Building in NYC and for 2019 he graced the front cover of TIP (Top Industry Professionals) Magazine. He has also been named Outstanding Professional of the Year and the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year. Lt. Toliver remains active in his community as a teacher and keynote speaker. is also an Executive Board Member for his Department’s Henderson Police Supervisors Association

For the future, Lt. Toliver hopes to continue inspiring others and making a difference in people’s lives through his community service. 

For more information on Lieutenant Toliver please visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-dt-toliver-8883339/

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