Two Companies Team Up to Use Their Resources to Reach Out and Offer Help to Human Trafficking Victims Nationwide

United States, Pennsylvania, Allentown – 03-11-2020 ( — Modern-day slaves, victims of human trafficking, may be working or living in your hometown. Through the Human Trafficking Project, LLC, ( based in Allentown, created by ForLawFirmsOnly Marketing, Inc., and Tanpri Media & Arts, Inc., you may be able to help. The companies are jointly using their talents to reach victims and internet users who want to work towards ending the forced labor of vulnerable people. ForLawFirmsOnly Marketing President and Managing Partner, Edward Lott, Ph.D., M.B.A., says their expertise in reaching those needing legal representation will be used to aid those living in modern, human bondage across the country. 

Human trafficking is women, men or children that are forced into the commercial sex industry and held against their will by force, fraud or coercion. The US has one of the world’s largest populations of trafficked people, mostly in the sex industry, but they are also working in any number of jobs without getting paid. They are a mix of immigrants and Americans, of any age, race, gender or nationality. The Human Trafficking Project will leverage the companies’ expertise to find human trafficking victims who may be looking for help through internet searches and directly communicating with non-profit organizations. 

They will network with safe homes throughout the US for victims who want to escape sex trafficking and other forms of illegal exploitation. The Human Trafficking Project, LLC, has three main focuses to help those being trafficked by recruiting: 

• Victims 

• Attorneys who can represent them 

• Those willing to safely house them by joining the project’s network “We were fortunate to team up with Dr. Louisa Williams, a nationally recognized expert in human trafficking,” said Dr. Lott. Through her organization, Stand Against Poverty, Inc., she has been helping people of all genders and races in unfortunate circumstances since 1992. She started her organization to focus on the needs of human trafficking victims in the US. “I have seen and combatted a large portion of suffering, pain and poverty throughout the world. However, never have I felt the need and urgency to help abolish this cancer called human trafficking from our society, right here at home,” said Dr. Williams. She is currently expanding her Runaway and Homeless Young Adult program to facilitate, service and protect more victims of human trafficking. Stand Against Poverty’s Homeless and Exploited Youth Project offers: 

• Transitional Independent Living programs 

• 24-hour Drop-in Centers with secure emergency shelters for sexually exploited youths 

• Street Outreach •Referral Services including free Legal Counseling for victims of sex trafficking Stand Against Poverty, Inc., ( helps deprived, excluded, and vulnerable families in impoverished U.S. communities. It provides practical assistance, develops lasting plans of action and prevention programs to improve poverty-stricken American neighborhoods and those abroad. It’s based in Hauppauge, NY. 

If someone knows a victim of human trafficking and wants information or help, Dr. Williams can be reached at Stand Against Poverty, Inc. 24/7 crisis center at 844-SEEKJUSTICE (844-733-5587).

For more information, press only: PR Contact Name: Edward Lott, Ph.D., M.B.A. Phone number: 855-477-8284 x-101 (Toll Free) Email: [email protected]


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