BEE&YOU CEO is among the Female Executive of the Year Winners.

United States, New York, New York – 03-12-2020 ( — March 12th, 2020- New York, NY: Today, Dr. Asli Samanci, the CEO of BEE&YOU became the silver award winner for the Databird Female Executive of the Year. All the female executives were nominated over the last 12 months. Candidates were selected among female leaders that have shown outstanding leadership and significant contributions in their career. The criteria for consideration are tangible results and goals achieved. Check out the full list of winners here.

Dr. Samanci is the Silver Databird Winner which is based on the rating of Top Small Business Female Executive criteria. BEE&YOU is also in the category of small business female owned business silver award with a mission to create sustainability in the eco system. The Company contracts directly with the beekeepers to protect consumers and beekeepers rights and safety.

“We are committed to creating natural and healthy products for the consumer. My goal is to combine science and nature for safer, more effective natural bee products. We created our business modal to contract the beekeepers to prevent bees from becoming extinct. This also allowed me to create and patent the Propolis in its healthiest, most natural and safe form.  My ultimate goal is to make Propolis a consistent product harvested from all the beehives available in the world and introduce the natural healing power of Anatolian Propolis to the world.” said Dr. Asli Samanci, the CEO of BEE & YOU, which utilizes innovative Propolis extraction and processing methods in supplements, food and skin-care products. 

BEE & YOU’s dedicated team of food scientists, researchers, and beekeepers are deeply devoted to their mission of marrying science with nature to create nourishing and delicious products buzzing with health benefits. Using proprietary technology, they extract all biologically active compounds from propolis, raw honey and royal jelly in their purest forms, providing consumers with raw, unfiltered and unadulterated products. Because the products are so “clean,” the body is able to process them more easily and the benefits are delivered more effectively.

“BEE&YOU’s employees are 70% female. We export to 14 countries globally. We are a company who believes in the women empowerment. We had experienced and observed that all of our female workers are hardworking, conscientious and detail oriented. They are the strongest supporters of science and nature. Therefore we are happy to be included in this prestigious women empowering award’s finalist list.” added Dr. Asli Samanci, the CEO of BEE & YOU, which utilizes innovative Propolis extraction and processing methods in supplements, food and skin-care products. 

 Propolis can be used to support:

  • Cold and Flu Prevention
  • Immune Defense 
  • Antioxidant Protection
  • Digestive Health & Healing                
  • Healthy Aging

Dr. Samanci recently identified a dietary protocol that boosts the immune system as health officials race to control the COVID-19 coronavirus. More information is available here:

About DATABIRD BUSINESS JOURNAL:Data Bird Business Journal focuses on women’s empowerment with a mission of creating a just and sustainable world.Business holds significant, untapped potential to contribute to women’s advancement and stands to benefit tremendously by ensuring women are empowered. Last year, female founders received just 2.2 percent of total global venture capital funding, and only 17 percent of all startups have at least one female founder, despite the fact that gender diversity on executive teams correlates with greater profitability and value creation. Databird was built to identify local industry experts around the world with a machine intelligence platform.

About BEE&YOU:

BEE &YOU, based in Manhattan, makes all-natural and biologically active bee products while promoting sustainable beekeeping. For more information, visit

BEE & YOU products are on sale at 3,000 CVS online and physical stores nationally, at the company’s website and on Amazon.

Founded in 2013, BEE & YOU has won more than 30 awards in the past six years with its innovative, natural and healthy line of bee products. 

Staunch advocates of beekeepers, BEE&YOU relies on a unique “Contract-Based Beekeeping Model” to protect bees and beekeepers’ rights and safety. This business model allows production agreements signed directly by beekeepers without middlemen or distributors. 

In addition to 3,500 retail outlets in the United States, BEE &YOU is also sold globally in South Korea, Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Turkey, the UK, Qatar, Dubai and Cyprus.

Learn more:

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“BEE&YOU Naturally Protects You and Your Loved Ones!”


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