Local senior living provider is offering jobs to workers displaced by COVID-19

United States, Indiana, Fort Wayne – 03-19-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — FORT WAYNE, Ind. (March 19, 2020) – As COVID-19 concerns force restaurants, stores, and small businesses close, a lot of Americans are feeling financial pressure. One senior living provider, Hearth Management, recently launched an employment program directly in response to the influx of displaced employees. The program, which is open across the company’s 15 senior living communities in New York, Connecticut, Indiana, and Tennessee, offers temporary work to food service workers, hospitality employees, and other job-seekers who have been laid off from their industry due to the Coronavirus. 

“As so many workers are experiencing layoffs due to the Coronavirus, we at Hearth Management are ready, willing, and able to offer opportunities to them,” said Kevin Hunter, Hearth COO.  “We’re looking for workers who are cooks, servers, housekeeping personnel and bus drivers. We have residents and families who depend on us and we must meet their needs 24 hours-a-day, seven days a week.  The Hearth is open for business, and need you!”Cooks, servers, housekeepers, and retail workers are some of the most common applicants, although anyone looking for work in light of COVID-19 closures is welcome to apply. “What I’d really love to see, as a long-term result of this program, are more people with a passion for helping seniors,” said Hunter. “Who knows? Maybe some of our new employees will absolutely love working with seniors every day, decide to stay with us long after the Coronavirus concerns have subsided. We can only hope.” Local Hearth Management communities participating in the program include The Hearth at Sycamore Village in Fort Wayne, and The Hearth at Juday Creek in Granger. For more information on Hearth Management’s displaced workers program, or to apply, visit www.thehearth.net and click on Careers. About The HearthHearth Management is a privately owned and operated management and development company based in Syracuse, NY. Founded in 1988, Hearth Management specializes in Independent Living, Assisted/Enriched Living, and Memory Care. Currently, Hearth Management’s operates 15 communities throughout New York, Connecticut, Indiana, and Tennessee.

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