COACHD is Now Offering Free Online Training Software for Fitness Professionals and Consumers as Clubs and Gyms Close Across the Country Due to Covid-19

United States, California, Santa Clara – 03-20-2020 ( — COACHD is a fit-tech startup transforming personal training into affordable convenience for consumers and corporate wellness programs.

 Santa Clara, CA / March 20, 2020 – COACHD today announced free 30-day use of its personal online training software for fitness professionals impacted by the recent coronavirus pandemic.  This new offering reaches out to assist the fitness industry as it has been brutally disrupted by the requirements associated with extreme social distancing. COACHD software provides personal trainers both iOS and Android mobile applications as well as a web application to offer clients on-the-go fitness programming, motivation, and accountability through daily connection between coaches and their clients. Personal trainers and health coaches rely on the personal connection they have with clients to assure programmatic effectiveness and long-term behavior change.  For fitness consumers it is the personalized service and attention that differentiates fitness coaching from the multitude of one-size fits all health and fitness solutions that often produce short-term results.
 With clubs and gyms closing across the country, fitness consumers are losing the connection and personal touch of their personal trainers – and fitness professionals now more than ever need the tools to fulfill that need and stay connected with their clients.  
 “The fitness industry and the hundreds of thousands of fitness professionals across the country have suddenly been thrust into a void with the closing of clubs and gyms. Our hearts and minds are with those who are devastated by the coronavirus through illness and economic uncertainty.  We have quickly joined other industry leaders who are taking action through the Coalition of Health and Fitness Leaders and aim to serve fitness professionals during this difficult time,” says Eric Hanson, Co-founder and CEO at COACHD. COACHD was built to ensure that the personal connection, motivation, and accountability remains available when clients cannot meet coaches in-person. Features and benefits include: 

  • Highly personalized fitness programming tools with instructional video
  • Daily contact between coach and client to update training plans on-the-go and provide motivation and accountability 
  • Portion-based nutrition guidance
  • Audio and video content to supplement and scale coaching 

 The free use of COACHD software is available starting March 20th at no cost for a minimum of 30 days.  COACHD will be monitoring the length and severity of the coronavirus pandemic and plans to extend the free use of software should extreme social distancing measures across the country continue into the summer months.  For more information visit the COACHD website. For fitness professionals to register and download the COACHD app visit ABOUTCOACHD provides membership to 24-7 one-on-one personal health and fitness coaching via smartphone, tablet, or desktop. COACHD is an affordable, high-value alternative to traditional gym-based personal training. CONTACTEric Hanson, (312)493-6874, [email protected]

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