Coronavirus: Wants To Pay Millennials And Gen Zers To Stay Home

United States, Florida, Tampa – 03-19-2020 ( — Upstart platform “#Ca$hMeInside™” announced today a novel potential solution for a novel virus. “We have a theory that it may be possible to ‘flatten’ the curve by ‘fattening’ millennial wallets…”

“…To be accomplished by a series of innovative ‘hand ups, not handouts,’ triggered by the successful completion of real-life games of social distancing, personal rewards and virtual peer to peer engagement” said co-founder Trent Silver.

A new movement has started to inspire college-aged 18-22 year olds to get paid to stay at home, in the wake of millennials snubbing their noses at warnings from health agencies.

Silver stated that, “We invite college-aged, millennial “Spring Breakers’ aged 18 and Up to put their ‘money where their mask is,’ put up their $20 entry fee, and see the challenge through to the end.”

“Young people get really into competing and winning, whether the prize is large or small. Pride is the ultimate prize, and that comes from accomplishing personal goals,” said Silver.

Joining and participating in the challenge is simple. To join and participate, an entrant has to follow these straightforward steps.

1.     Go to

2.     Scroll down to the opt-in box and register with your name and email

3.     Pay the $20 entrance fee, or “wager”

4.     Timestamp his or her start time and date using the New York Times or equivalent news website by refreshing the homepage on a nearby tablet, computer or secondary phone. You can find the exact date and timestamp under the News logo.

(NOTE: No plain white walls with no identifying objects are allowed for the first validation when establishing your “Home Base”). Obviously a registrant may end up at another location, but the goal is ultimately to stay self-quarantined at home whether the participant feels sick or not.

5.     Continue to post to social media “check-in” stye videos with updated timestamps throughout the process. This is to boost group morale but not a requirement. You can also send us all of the validations through a private, secure link without ever posting to social media.

6.     Complete the challenge and receive the proportional share of the reward!

The Ca$hMeInside team believes that the secret ingredient will be participant skin in the game, a rewarding carrot at the end, coupled with the risk of losing their original wager money.  Winners can routinely double their entry fee or more and will be part of a team when they join the challenge.

As a simple example of how the rewards work, let’s assume one team contains 100 members.  Each member has paid $20 to join the challenge making the total reward jackpot, $2,000. If 10 of the entrants complete the challenge, then the total pot is divided up proportionally among those winners.  In this scenario, that means that each of the 10 winners would receive $200 (10% of $2,000). The 10% is calculated by taking the total number of winners divided by the total initial entrants (10/100 = 10%).

Combine that with the collaborative Teamwork Jackpot (each registrant is placed on a team for accountability purposes), where a 100% win rate unlocks a bonus jackpot to be split evenly. The peer participation and emotional investment in a common goal could create a paradigm shift where coronavirus goes from being viewed as a joke, to something that could be defeated by strong cohesion, group rewards and following CDC guidelines. was started by Digital marketer Trent Silver, who has just released the platform to a live BETA mode. Ca$hMeInside™ is the brainchild of Silver, a group of elite Internet marketers, and public relations specialists who worked in a think tank style format to bring awareness to one possible solution to the miscarriage of the millennial message – delivering the dire warning in a way that will resonate with the age group and lead to coronavirus being understood to be the life-threatening pandemic that it is.

The Science

We were searching for innovative ways to have a measurable impact on the growing coronavirus pandemic. That research — and ongoing academic and industry research — suggests that:

  • Even small cash rewards can increase the effectiveness of social engagement programs.
  • People are more effective at accomplishing personal lifestyle goals when their own money is at risk; and
  • Social networks play a large role in the spread of misinformation on coronavirus and will likely play a large role in reversing this misinformation – awakening the millennial mind to the real-word dangers of coronavirus.

Our continuing mission is to bring the results of academic and industry research to real world people.

Dr. Donald Hensrud, MD of the Mayo Clinic cites a Mayo Clinic study concluding that people with financial incentives were 300% more likely to have success with personal health-related goals.

As far as rules and regulations surrounding this novel suggestion, the team decided it had no choice but to thrust the project prematurely forward with humanitarian intentions, trusting the legal precedent discovered in their research, which points to the basis that the “novel” idea is in fact a novel, reward-system never before used in a format or climate anywhere near what we are experiencing today. The user interface, being fully in control of their own outcomes at all times, suggests this system is not a gambling experience in any way, shape, or form.

Silver further stated, “Racing against the clock, we decided to cut through the red tape and fast-track our idea straight from concept to a live Beta mode, well before we had fully-vetted the concept. Our thought was, there is no time to waste, and if there are major holes in our models then the global community can provide constructive feedback and show us what could be missing.” “It was much more important to us to put out something that is done, rather than something that is perfect,” says Silver.

“There may be holes in our plan, and there may be highly-advanced mathematical models that can further incentivize young people and curb the exponential effect they are having on the coronavirus pandemic way more than our current model, but we had to move quickly to try to flatten the curve,” adds Silver.

“After all, we are merely a small team of digital marketers and PR people that try to craft time-sensitive, relevant campaigns, then jump in when we feel we have the right message, for the right audience at the right time, and then we hope it sticks. Please send any innovating model ideas on how we can improve to [email protected] and besides helping save humans, we will make sure you get credit. We believe in the power of the crowd working together to solve seemingly impossible challenges in this great game called the Human Race,” says co-founder Trent Silver.

“I hope through our work with this project during a time of great difficulty and loss, and through all of our future work addressing the most difficult and unanswered challenges known to man, to make even the smallest indent in the pages of history, and to leave an immortal footprint in the Sands Of Time,” Silver concluded.

P.S. The team is available immediately for interviews, feedback, as well as collaboration and partnerships. We realize every second counts and are standing by and reaching out around-the-clock- to forge potential partnerships in the form of Media relationships, Government, Corporations, Non-Profits, Health Systems, Universities Celebrities, influencers and anyone else who thinks they can add value to our project..

P.P.S. We are virtually pleading with any major organization that sees merit or potential in this project to contact us immediately so that you can run with what we started and leverage greater resources and speed of execution to take it to the next level for maximum “Paying it Forward” in every sense of the word.


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