Fidacity urges people to shop local during COVID-19 crisis

United States – 03-21-2020 ( — The impacts on small businesses and independents can be particularly heavy during this time of uncertainty.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs are by nature risk takers. They choose to invest in our community and our neighborhoods in hopes that the community will give back to them with the same vigor. They are the entrepreneurs that hire our children, sponsor our sports teams and work in our community groups – they are your neighbors.

Local businesses on the Fidacity platform enrich our community daily and are the lifeblood of our sustainable local economy. They are often people you know by name. We celebrate when these local names succeed and regret when they are forced to close their doors.

Shopping locally on Fidacity during this uncertain time is one of the ways you can give back to your local community. Continuing to purchase from small businesses is necessary to keep them afloat and help them get through this difficult time.

Small business communities have proven to be a resilient and adaptable group that champions innovation. Fidacity has now created an innovative way to support small businesses by allowing them to sell their many products & essentials online.

You might have seen viral posts online talking about purchasing gift cards from your favorite local businesses; however, not all businesses have the capability to sell these online. 

Fidacity is pleased to announce we will be offering all local businesses the ability to sell eGift cards online – for future use. This will allow small businesses to receive revenue while foot traffic is down, and you’ll have something to look forward to in the future! 

Businesses can set up their profile directly on Fidacity and begin to sell eGift cards immediately with no upfront costs or set up fees.

Until April 30, 2020, Fidacity will allow consumers to receive a 10% discount on any eGift card purchased on Fidacity. This is our way of showing our appreciation to consumers for supporting local businesses in their community. Further, there is an option for consumers to gift this discount back to the seller of the eGift card resulting in zero fees for businesses to sell eGift cards on our platform.

Please visit and start supporting your local community now! 

Share, tweet, and post about your favorite small business – let’s spread some positivity!

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