Elitium Takes Fast Action Against Current Crisis in Crypto Markets

GIBRALTAR – 03-24-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — Elitium, the blockchain-based FinTech platform, has announced a new Growth Program that offers rewards in its native cryptocurrency EUM. The move will support the company’s expansion and create a safe haven for traders and the wider blockchain industry. Elitium has ring-fenced 1,000,000 EUM for the growth program and will add to the pool following full roll-out. 

The announcement comes during a major economic crisis when both traditional and crypto markets are collapsing due to the Coronavirus. During this difficult time, Elitium is giving entrepreneurs a chance for ingenuity while providing a solution to combat job cuts and market freefall.Learn and earnUsers can participate in a wide array of activities that contribute to the platform’s growth and earn themselves rewards. These include writing or sharing articles, helping with market-making, attracting partners or sending users to the app, and creating groups or sending messages on LinkedIn. The more value users create, the more EUM they get.Alongside the Growth Program, Elitium has created a complementary Education Program for users to learn about crypto and Elitium via e-learning tools. While the team had planned to launch these programs in 2021, the current crisis has brought the date forward to the coming weeks.Community resilienceThe programs’ success relies on its resilience. By holding EUM throughout the market downturn, the Elitium community has helped the coin to maintain a stable price while nearly every other crypto has plummeted.Still, Elitium has promised to do more than just keep its currency alive. The team is working obsessively on providing value to their community and increasing the value for everyone. Just last week, Elitium announced the launch of a new Staking Program.The Staking ProgramStaking means holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet for a period in exchange for rewards, while a network uses the funds to support its operations. The Elitium Staking Program has been designed to be used by anyone without technical knowledge. The program offers up to 6.5% rewards per year in EUM and its simplicity could redefine expectations when it comes to staking services. To participate you simply have to:1. Add EUM to your staking balance You can easily purchase EUM with your credit card, via bank transfer or SEPA, within the new Elitium Dashboard.2. Start staking with just one clickElitium Staking is simple and requires no technical knowledge.3. Withdraw the cryptocurrency with one more clickYou are in full control of your funds 24/7. Additionally, you can use crypto for day-to-day transactions with the upcoming Elitium Card.CEO Raoul Milhado is the creative entrepreneur behind these innovations. He recently shared his thoughts ahead of the upcoming launches: “We are building products that will power a shifting economy. Digital solutions that solve real-world problems related to currency, finance, and how people enjoy their everyday lives. Our ecosystem spans digital investments and digital luxuries and will alter expectations around what currency can do. Currency has moved from gold to paper and from paper to a cashless society. Now, it needs to turn digital — EUM can make that happen.”Stake, then growThe current crisis in crypto markets calls for ingenuity and the ability to think ahead. The Growth Program offers participants a way to stay strong in troubled times and it’s available to any user with a staking balance.1. Click here to create an account2. Buy EUM3. Start staking in one clickFor further information on the Elitium Staking Program, please visit https://www.Elitium.io/staking.

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