Mehab, a Physical Therapy Alternative, Offers Free Access to Millions During Coronavirus Quarantine.

United States, Pennsylvania – 03-24-2020 ( — Philadelphia, PA – Mehab today pushed out its new platform ahead of schedule due to the coronavirus pandemic. A physical therapy alternative bringing unparalleled access to evidence-based protocols and education for users wherever they are and whenever they want. 

Initially built for the vast majority of people who don’t have access to traditional therapy due to cost, time, insurance, or location, the current pandemic further highlights the benefits of Mehab’s service and delivery model. The traditional service model has essentially remained unchanged since its inception in 1918, and the current situation shows just how inefficient it is. “With the coronavirus closing clinics and keeping people at home without any options, I couldn’t delay any longer. In addition to the expedited release, we are also providing a free month’s access for all users, ” said Glynn Hunt, Mehab’s Founder and CEO. “Increasing access is what it is all about, and Mehab does that exponentially. Digital services are our best solution to meet the needs of the public, and their role will continue to grow..”Built with efficiency, affordability, and convenience at the core of its foundation, Mehab is designed to work on any device, in areas with poor connectivity, and retain primary function offline. Available at, with over 125 protocols, video demonstration, tracking, reporting, and a patent-pending safety monitoring system, Mehab makes the perfect rehabilitation partner. About MehabMehab is revolutionizing rehabilitation with it’s 4 foundational pillars; Affordability, Convenience, Education, and Empowerment, providing an efficient and scalable delivery system that meets the new needs of society.  Its mission is to be the leading global physical therapy alternative bringing affordable and convenient access to evidence-based education and instruction to all.

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