Xevant Launches Software To Identify Patient Populations At Higher Risk For COVID-19

United States, Utah, Draper – 03-24-2020 (PRDistribution.com) —

The new COVID-19 Outreach Module helps PBMs, TPAs, Consultants, and Brokers identify vulnerable members and monitor utilization changes.

DRAPER, UTAH, March 24, 2020 – Xevant, the leader in healthcare benefits optimization, announced the launch of a new solution to help identify those most vulnerable amid the global Coronavirus pandemic. This module combines reputably sourced global and national data on COVID-19 with prescription claims data to provide the healthcare market with actionable insights. The module lends a unique view into vulnerable client populations, individual members who are at highest risk and utilization trends resulting from the pandemic.

“We all watched in disbelief as the entire world began coping with the adverse effects of COVID-19,” said Brandon Newman, CEO and Co-Founder of Xevant. “At the same time, we have had a front row seat to the power of humanity in confronting a brave new world. In the spirit of accountability to ‘lift where we stand’ and in partnership with our valued clients, we are releasing the first version of our COVID-19 module to help our clients and the market as a whole combat the seemingly ever-expanding Coronavirus.”

Xevant’s COVID-19 module will include three primary dashboards with daily data updates: 

  • Global Status: Identifying general risk from detailed COVID-19 statistics, curated from reputable sources and organized to easily analyze the ongoing evolution and spread of the virus worldwide and across the US. 
  • Vulnerable Members: Identifying populations and individual members at all levels of risk for contracting COVID-19, with cross sections of geography, age bands and high risk disease states. 
  • Utilization Changes: Quantifying the impact of members seeking COVID-19 treatment and utilization changes outside of norms. 

“The COVID-19 health crisis created the need for innovation and action,” said Ryan Rice, Principal of Pharmacy Strategy, Prism Health Strategists, a Wisconsin-based pharmacy consulting company. “In partnership with Xevant, Prism Health Strategists has deployed targeted pharmacy analytics and stratification technology to our client partners, in order to accurately and proactively identify patients who represent the highest risk for infection and complications resulting from COVID-19. Our hope is that we can help do our part in flattening the curve.”

This module is best suited for companies seeking to help their members or employees but who do not have the time, tools or ability to immediately identify COVID-19 risk. 

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