In Defense of Our Men and Boys

United States, Texas, Houston – 03-27-2020 ( — Why Radical Feminism Seeks to Deny the Average Male His Basic Civil Rights

Charles Rivers, author of “White Women Behaving Racistly: Why Feminism is Deadlier than the Klux Klan.” Today, the movement that once promoted women’s upward mobility has morphed into a downward spiral of male-bashing, complete contempt for men, and antagonism, as well as personal attacks for anything with a Y chromosome. In Rivers opinion, it is now more detrimental for a human baby boy to be raised in the home of his birth mother than in any other setting modeled for the upbringing of children if his psyche and sense of self-worth are to remain intact. In comparison to adoption, grandparents or unfortunately state homes. Due to an entire generation of men being raised in damaging anti-male backgrounds, we are starting to see the largest concerted backlash against fourth-wave feminism in the form of groups like the Men’s Rights Movement, The Red Pill movement, and M.G.T.O.W., or Men Going Their Own Way.

There is now a form of publicly sanctioned misandry being forced down the throats of American males. Misandry as defined by Webster’s dictionary is the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against men or boys in general. Misandry may be manifested in numerous ways, including social exclusion, sex discrimination, hostility, gynocentrism, matriarchy, belittling of men, violence against men, and sexual objectification. In other words, today, women get a free pass to engage in anything for which they would wish men punished and labeled a misogynist. Men ask me all the time when both genders will truly be equal. I explain to them that we are very close, but you will only see this equality when women’s hate for men is no longer socially acceptable. When society turns a blind eye to the injustices levied against one group to another, we always see this repetitive form of inequality. Polite society once turned a blind eye to the atrocities of slavery, the brutality of the Ku Klux Klan, and the demonstrative decisions levied against the Jews by Adolph Hitler. Today we are witnessing with fresh eyes and turned backs the wholesale slaughter of the American males psyche and well being.

This generation is facing the question of when it will finally hear the cries of the boys and men who have been harmed by radical feminism. In the most comprehensive civil rights legislation to date, John F. Kennedy said the United States “will not be fully free until all of its citizens are free.” Notice that, while he did not mention color or gender, he said all citizens. At this point in history, men are finding that their own government, charged with protecting their rights, are acting with the tacit permission of feminism. Rivers State that, history will judge women and Congress as harshly as it did men of past for not addressing the complaints of the Suffragette’s.

It is funny that society does not have to continue to teach one more boy or man how to treat or behave in front of their female counterparts, for these males have had nothing but social and home conditioning over the last five decades of the modern feminist movement. Men now feel and understand the struggles and trials the original suffragettes went through because this generation of men is being denied those same rights by the vengeful great-granddaughters of that once powerful movement. Any system that actively paints all males as abusers and all females as victims is little more than a modernized antebellum mindset, which painted all black persons as scary and all whites as people who should be defended from them. Men constantly write to me about their loss of basic civil and political freedoms. These political rights include natural justice (procedural fairness) in law in the gynocentric biased family courts, such as the rights of the accused when false charges of domestic violence or child abuse are levied against them. This includes the right to a fair trial; due process; the right to seek redress or a legal remedy for wives or girlfriends who have willfully lied to get away without legal punishment; and rights of participation in civil society and politics. Men should have the freedom of association when assembling men’s rights groups without being labeled as the patriarchy. They should have the right to assemble and the right to be respected by a country they built by the sweat of their brow and by the blood they shed in defense of this nation in every civil conflict since the Founders signed the Declaration of Independence.

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