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1. The Development of the Internet of Things on Agriculture 

The utilization of the Internet of things plays a significant role in the field of agriculture. To connect farms to the Internet of things does not merely mean the offline equipment goes online; with the aid of big data and information transmission technology, billions of unit sensor will be allocated among different agricultural areas to enhance the quality and productivity of crops increase, to save resources, to control costs, to formulate the operation on the chain of cloud of data-orientating and integration.The development of the Internet of things on agriculture refers to the progress of the intelligence of agriculture to a great extent. With constraints of resource and environment, the appliance of the Internet of things is strongly needed in the development of agriculture to realize the refinement of agricultural management in its system. BigBang Core has realized that the purpose of reforming the traditional agriculture with the technology of the Internet of things and of enhancing the degree of intelligence in different sectors of agriculture is to realize the situation that “the environment can be measured, the production can be managed”.In this day and age, the data involved in the security of agriculture are extensive and complicated. The traditional technology cannot be applied inevitably in the future big data era, cannot carry the huge data flow. The finance of big data agriculture is an irresistible developing trend. How to merge the huge data and apply them with high efficiency have become the major task in the development of the agriculture.

2. The Integration of Agricultural Finance and Blockchain

Nowadays, the blockchain weirds strong influence in the big data, the internet of things, finance, agriculture and energy etc., mutually reinforcing with the technology of the internet of thing of big data. In the management of intelligence agriculture, advantages of blockchain, such as, the timeliness, the transparency and the data cannot be transmitted, can be fully utilized. At the same time, the adoption of the blockchain technology enables the supplying process of the agricultural products conform to the specification and the supervision of products can be easier. For the sake of the technology itself, the blockchain provides resolution to the timely upgrade of data. With the aid of blockchain to all internet equipment, agricultural data can be shared, data can go on the chain, the intelligence of equipment will be upgraded. In blockchain, the information of crops will be spread, crops will grow intelligently, the efficiency will be enhanced, farmers will be liberated. The collision result of blockchain and the Internet of thing is destined to be diversified. BigBang Core will make use of the Internet of things and big data to collect and group the data with high quality. After collecting huge and diversified data samples, BigBang Core will integrate the agricultural data with the protection of blockchain technology and apply the result into the construction of model to predict the growing of crops. In the meantime, BigBang Core will use the blockchain to record the data of agriculture growing during the whole process, to enhance the true value go on the chain gradually. And BigBang Core will provide transparent and credible data for commodity futures, insurances and loans, and to give more correct trade service to farmers, the sales era, the purchasing era and investors, and derive new intelligent agricultural finance.

3. The Function of Blockchain

BigBang Core provides effective resolutions to the safety problem of crops and the agriculture networking to enhance the quality, the integrity and the transparency to increase the quality and integrity of consumption products. This program is designed by the top experts from the fields of sensor technology, data encryption, supply chain, blockchain and DApp. BigBang Core constructs an operational ecosystem prototype to display the internet’s ability of collecting information from the Internet of things and input it into the decentralized database. Furthermore, BigBang Core is developing the plug-and-play hardware sensor which is compatible with the internet of blockchain, including the non-intrusive and quick analytical equipment which are used to test the biological samples on spot, to transfer the passive factors of supply chain into intelligent system.With the underlying blockchain technology aid of radio frequency identification technology (RFID), ZK-Snarks, Cryptographic protection and collaboration across chains, BigBang Core is creating a genuine ecosystem of agricultural finance with the tracking of products across associated supply chains and the quality-center and self-government system. The streamline of product development includes personalized tabMode, the food-degree tracking device and the biosensor which is used to transfer the passive packaging plan into the intelligent transmitted system. All these products will connect to blockchain by different interfaces based on the different occasions. It also includes the ready-made and reusable connector and existent information service like SAP to share supply chain information quickly. All these connectors will meet the requirement of EPCIS and GS1.The mission of BigBang Core is to provide the resolution which is different from the traditional Internet of things, to shape a true decentralized value transfer system, to tackcle the data credibility in chain. With the blockchain skill, BigBang Core will handle the security problems lying in data collecting, storage, transporting in the technology of the traditional Internet of things, to ensure the performance of million level equipment going on chain. In the agricultural eco-system established by BigBang Core, the networking of agriculture and the construction of intelligence have derived the value aim which does not only to establish an operational eco-system of Internet of things on agriculture, but to assist the development for future agricultural value by the means of intelligent finance. BigBang Core believes, applying the blockchain technology into the management and working of the agricultural value chain will shape well- performant agricultural production and sales model in the future. It will provide the credible, transparent and real data information for different types of new financial models when ensuring legitimate rights of consumer further. 

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