LearnEASE, LLC Launches New Online Speaker Certification inside Harmonious CEO ELITE Program

United States, Oregon, Medford – 04-06-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — Eagle Point, OR – April 1, 2020 – LearnEASE, LLC today announces the next major offering for its Diahana Barnes Consulting Division with the addition of a new innovative online Speaker Certification inside the Harmonious CEO ELITE Program. ELITE is a comprehensive, start-to-finish program focused on empowering speakers, authors, and business leaders to take their place at the forefront of their field. The 12-month custom business growth and marketing model includes a VIP Consulting Package plus Speak to Inspire Method™ certification.

“The way we communicate and speak is shifting to online, and we wanted to give entrepreneurial speakers the skills, tools, and unparalleled support that sets them apart for the future,” said Diahana Barnes, President of LearnEASE, LLC and the Diahana Barnes Consulting Division. “ELITE is the #1—and only—certification for speaking online, combined with a proven business growth and marketing program that gives participants the foundation for building a successful business.”In this unique certification and proven business growth model, participants receive the power to create profitable organizations through top-notch structural support systems that produce tangible results. ELITE educates leaders looking to shift their delivery to digital and online platforms. Diahana and her knowledgeable team of coaches and experts provide personalized guidance throughout the business development process, from learning to implementation to success. Diahana Barnes is an award winning trainer, speaker, and Executive Success Strategist with over 23 years of experience. As a mom, former corporate woman, and entrepreneur, she built her own successful online business after leaving a demanding corporate job leading a $40M sales team. She’s worked with Fortune 500 executives on their keynotes, been personally trained by their executive coaches, and educated hundreds on how to present online. Diahana is an industry expert with a deep desire to give back. Her unique, experience-based methods emphasize heartfelt communication that transforms lives while translating into increased sales and real revenue gains.
About LearnEASE, LLC and the Diahana Barnes Consulting DivisionBased in Eagle Point, Oregon, LearnEASE, LLC is a diversely talented team that delivers a variety of online solutions for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). For over 10 years, the Diahana Barnes Consulting Division of LearnEASE, LLC has developed forward-thinking communication strategies to grow businesses, big and small. The Speak to Inspire Method™ is a cutting-edge communication framework that helps speakers voice their vision in a powerful and memorable way. Diahana Barnes Coaching offers individuals the opportunity to explore speaking approaches that inspire, create momentum, and drive results.For more information, please visit https://www.diahanabarnes.com/.

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