USS Teddy Roosevelt Reactor Room COVID-19 Victims to Receive Hand Sanitizer from Local Natural Deodorant Company

United States, Colorado, Fort Collins – 04-02-2020 ( — In the middle of the day on April 1, 2020, concerned family of sailors aboard the USS Teddy Roosevelt aircraft carrier got in touch with Distilled Bath and Body, the local deodorant company sending bottles of donated hand sanitizer to hospitals, COVID-19 units, first responders, hospice centers, nursing homes, immunocompromised Americans sheltering in place, and other front-lines zones that are running out of all forms of PPE. Their request? Enough hand sanitizer to fill the hands in their reactor room. The growing company, best known for making Pit Liquor deodorant from whiskey and vodka, has been donating from their own resources to ensure hand sanitizer ends up in the hands that need it most. They also have coordinated efforts with donors across the nation who are joining their efforts and have doubled their reach. Having given away 300 bottles in just one week, they look forward to continuing to help as long as they are needed in this capacity.

With the USS Teddy Roosevelt asking for donations, the company hopes to be able to meet the needs of the men and women beyond just the reactor room on a ship with 2700 crew who are rapidly coming down with the novel virus. Some crew members will be required to stay on board even in the event of an evacuation as the ship cannot be left unmanned. Distilled Bath and Body is looking for donors to join forces with them to enable the company to send enough hand sanitizer to help in this situation.Distilled Bath and Body is using high-proof ethanol (vodka) at 70% alc/vol which exceeds the FDA regulations for hand sanitizer at 63% alc/vol. While vodka purchased from a local liquor store won’t have a high enough alcohol content to kill germs effectively, this is no ordinary vodka. Made from food-based ingredients and regulated as a food product, it’s the safest hand sanitizer on the market. And it has the necessary strength to eliminate germs. Instagram: @pitliquornaturaldeodorantFacebook: or

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