Over 65 Martial Arts Locations in NY are Now Teaching Thousands of Students Online

United States, New York, Westbury – 04-07-2020 (PRDistribution.com) — THIRTY YEARS of teaching martial arts experience has made Champions Martial Arts one of the top choices when choosing a martial arts school. Aside from the physical fitness benefits, learning martial arts is also a great way to learn self-defense and more importantly, self-discipline.


Family Atmosphere

Champions Martial Arts is known for prioritizing strong relationship values with their students, making them feel welcome and at home. This family centric environment has been proven to make a great impact on the lives of their students that extends far beyond the mat.


Courses and Classes

Right now, martial arts has become a primary choice for physical fitness because it allows a person to maximize his/her body’s full potential in terms of strength and stamina.  Over the years, Champions Martial Arts has continuously updated their courses relevant to keep up with current times. 

Aside from the physical advantage, martial arts also became a necessity for people, in order to give them a self-defense advantage. People are starting to realize that the best weapon to carry around is the body itself. Training in this art of self-defense has become a basic necessity for most kids these days, to give them the confidence to avoid getting bullied in school as well.


Champions Martial Arts offers four basic courses:

Little Tigers Martial Arts Program – which provides a fun and interesting way for students ages 3 to 5 years old to get acquainted with the basic movements in martial arts. One of the most important things that are taught at this level is the sense of leadership and self-discipline during their formative years. Learn more about this course here.

Kids and Adults Taekwondo – which offers students the opportunity to improve flexibility and strength. The combination of foot and arm works during classes make the course a perfect choice for individuals who want to learn the traditional self-defense technique and combine it with a touch of sport style.

Lifefit Kickboxing – which focuses on burning calories and building muscle. Perfect for those who want to lose weight the safe and healthy way. This kickboxing class is a workout that every health buff would want to try and the results are guaranteed every time!

Muay Thai Kickboxing – which focuses on mixing kickboxing with punching and crunching, in order to achieve the goal of burning calories and dissolving body fats effectively.


Parents and Students Love It!

 In addition to how much she has helped him focus in class, her guidance has also helped him at home and in school.  What your staff is doing for our kids is priceless and will never be forgotten. He signs on twice a day and enjoys having the structure and routine.  The Master shows a genuine interest in my son’s well being and she continues to do so, even if not in person. We can’t thank you guys enough! – Parent 


Everywhere In NYC

Champions Martial Arts is located in over 65different locations around the New York City area. This makes their physical schools very accessible to every student, with at least one franchise branch within a short distance from the neighborhood.


Responding to the CoViD Crisis

The spread of CoViD-19 around the world has caused a lot of operations to temporarily stop due to the community quarantine that’s mandated by the World Health Organization. People are left with no choice but to stay home, in order to avoid the risk of getting infected in hopes of flattening the curve and minimizing the spread of the virus.

As a response, all 65+ Champions Martial Arts franchise branches are migrating their courses to online sessions. This makes it more convenient for students to pursue their on-going courses and maintain the momentum. Champions Martial Arts also welcomes new enrollees who want to make the most of their time at home by keeping fit through martial arts exercises.

For more information about Champions Martial Arts, kindly visit their website at https://www.championstkd.com/ or email support@championstkd.com for a free two week trial.

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