Securicy Releases Free Solution For Building Business Resilience During Covid-19

SYDNEY, NS, CANADA – 04-08-2020 ( — Today Securicy is announcing a free Business Resilience Solution to help business leaders navigate the extreme uncertainty of the COVID-19 crisis. The solution includes policies and procedures for securely working from home, cybersecurity awareness training, and a business continuity plan builder.

“We’re all in this together — entrepreneurs and business leaders are now faced with continuously shifting conditions. We’re each fighting to keep our teams intact, protect our businesses, and navigate our way through an unprecedented challenge. Today we’re sharing tools for free to help business leaders build greater resilience in their operations to weather this storm,” says Securicy CEO Darren Gallop.

As the situation around COVID-19 rapidly evolves, this web-based application is immediately available for businesses responding to changes and disruption in their operations. Businesses that are prepared for “whatever comes next” are more likely to react quickly, mitigate emerging risks, and avoid catastrophic damage to their organization. Securicy’s free Business Resilience Solution includes the following tools and resources:

  • Business Continuity Plan Builder: This tool quickly guides companies through creating and activating a strong business continuity and disaster recovery plan.
  • Policy Builder: A Work from Home Security Policy and other best practice security policies are included in the platform, with tools to share with employees and collect sign-offs. This is a critical need for businesses with data to protect, as increasing cybersecurity attacks take advantage of fear around COVID-19.
  • Awareness Builder: This free security awareness training prepares businesses against email phishing, social engineering, and cyberattacks targeting remote employees, which is a heightened risk to companies at this time.

To further support businesses, Securicy is also offering relevant content in an ongoing webinar series focused on securely working from home, business continuity, and disaster response planning. Businesses can sign up for these free tools at
About Securicy Securicy is a SaaS company that specializes in simplifying information security and privacy compliance for businesses. Securicy builds trust between businesses and their customers in a world where people want to know their confidential information is protected. The company has raised $2.8M dollars since its incorporation in late 2016 and currently employs 17 full-time employees and several contractors.

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