Top Forbes Speaker and Recruitment Strategist Offers Tips on Ramping Up After COVID-19 Social Distancing and Shelter-in-place Shutdown

UNITED STATES – 04-09-2020 ( — There is no doubt that COVID-19 has changed the way businesses will be run moving forward. Social distancing and shelter in place has become a common preventive measure across the country. Some business owners are already feeling the effects associated with COVID-19 due to the closure of their businesses. We have some segments of our economy that are booming and having trouble keeping  up with the demand like trucking and others are laying people off or severely cutting back hours of their employees. According to recruitment strategist and top Forbes Speaker Jack Whatley, no matter what your business is, all of us soon will have the challenge of bringing our workforce back and ramping up to full capacity. If you want to rehire the employees, you have to let go. You need to take into consideration the effect it has on the people you let go. Job loss can have long lasting effects on finances, self-esteem and feeling of security. If you were blindsided by the event and let go unexpectedly it could take as long as two years to recover. While the reason for having to let people go is out of your control, the way you do it is not. Show your people respect by being transparent in the process. Explain how and why you are letting them go. And cover the steps you will take to rehire them when business is open for business again. Whatley has pointed out that this is an important time as it determines how your employees view your organization in relation to their future job security. Which has just moved to the top of your employee’s job requirements.

“During this time of slow down your employees are looking at their future and looking for security in their jobs. Some of them will rethink their career choice. A lot of people will not return to their regular jobs. In this time of ramping up, if your company is having a hard time finding and hiring qualified candidates to replace the employees not returning, it is not the fault of the hiring manager or the HR team.” He observed. 

There is no doubt that the HR people operations department will  have a lot on their plate to bring the company back to full capacity. With the volume of work, they have to do, Whatley advises that to make the process move faster we need to make recruiting and hiring the right candidate in a timely manner a priority. Interruptions in the recruiting process cause problems in other areas of the company. Productivity is the first business function to suffer then comes employee morale that causes turnover when recruiting processes don’t work and your existing employees are overloaded with the extra work. 

IF your HR people operations department is having trouble hiring the people they need. Recruitment outsourcing can solve your problem. In the industries I serve trucking and logistics they use recruitment outsourcing for several reasons. First reason is to give some relief to their HR people operations team when hiring is in high demand. Or in a time like we are in now when your HR people operations department is overloaded and busy working on getting the company up and operating again. Most Truck Driver Recruitment Agencies have dedicated experienced teams of truck driver recruiters and the needed resources to produce hiring results faster than small to medium sized companies. While looking for a Truck Driver Recruitment agency, it is important to differentiate between truck driver outsourcing services and staffing services or even heading hunting services. The big difference is that truck driver recruitment outsource service allows trucking companies, private fleets and 3pls to directly hire the drivers just like their HR department. So make sure you use an outsource recruiting agency that services your industry. They are also cheaper than using a staffing Co, a head-hunting service or doing recruitment in house. 

Most companies I work with are at a recruiting disadvantage because of the current driver shortage of over 60k truck drivers, according to the driver shortage report by American Trucking Association. With the recent COVID-19 situation, there is a likelihood of more uncertainty and volatility in the labor market.

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Jack Whatley is a Recruitment Strategist started his truck driver recruiting agency June 2000. He uses his advertising and marketing expertise from his previous career as his company strategic advantage. In the competitive world of truck driver recruitment, Jack is known for creating employer branding campaigns that position his clients as the employer of choice and recruitment marketing campaign that build good will with the people we are recruiting. He attracts top talent that will be a good fit in the company culture to hire. Jack is also a Forbes speaker on the subject of Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing. His book, Human Code of Hiring: DNA of Recruitment Marketing published by Forbes will be released late 2020. You can visit  to learn more about truck driver recruitment outsourcing. 

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