UNITED STATES, DUBLIN – 04-14-2020 ( — GlassGenius is the world’s first, and only, glass-niche online marketplace and it has been specifically designed to allow glaziers, fabricators, distributors and installers the chance to connect directly with consumers. This easy to join platform allows businesses to boost their current customer base by showcasing their entire readymade and custom product range to local buyers; who can then purchase and customize orders directly through the site. 

In this modern, fast-paced world, the ability to retail your products online is vital to a company’s success. E-commerce is booming around the world and in 2019, 80% of internet users in America made at least one purchase online. As more customers look to shop online from the comfort of their home or office, GlassGenius is the world’s first, and only, dedicated online marketplace platform that has been created to connect fabricators, distributors and installers with customers in their local area. The easy to use platform has been specifically designed to allow businesses to register their company on the site, entering information about the business, their products or services as well as the price range, delivery costs and installation prices. The online marketplace allows businesses to upload their entire product range, meaning potential customers are then able to easily browse through available businesses without needing to travel. Very easy to join, GlassGenius serves as a one-stop-shop for glass fabricators, distributors and installers; providing them with extensive marketing techniques to help attract new customers, full web hosting and real-time order information. With in-depth advertising for all businesses operating on the platform too, GlassGenius is able to significantly raise both the awareness and reach of their operations. The seamless service instantly connects consumers and businesses using cutting-edge technology that has been specifically designed by engineers from GlassGenius, creating a smooth and clean purchasing process. The system was created after extensive research within the glass industry, with the result being the first dedicated online marketplace for those working in fabrication, distribution and installation. GlassGenius also allows companies to set their geographic operating area at state, regional and national levels. The easy to join platform is accepting new businesses now and companies looking to find out more about GlassGenius can visit Speaking ahead of the launch, spokesperson of GlassGenius said, “We are really excited to be launching the world’s only dedicated online marketplace to the glass industry. Our research has shown that many businesses within the industry, from the fabricators to the distributors and installers, are unable to boost their customer reach and growth due to lacking the ability, or funds, required to launch their own online e-commerce facility. GlassGenius provides glass businesses a way to directly reach and engage with local consumers, contractors and interior design. Our one-stop-shop helps them to boost their customer base and offers them a genuine chance to grow their business.”  Notes to editors:GlassGenius was established in 2020The app is the world’s first virtual marketplace for local glass companies, contractors, interior designers and consumers. The easy to use e-commerce site allows businesses to grow and expand in a cost-effective manner. GlassGenius can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

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