Immune Rescue Program to Assist in the Health of Our Families

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas – 04-14-2020 ( — Immune Rescue Plan to Assist in the Health of our Families – Naturally

Las Vegas, NV – Supporting families to fight the current health crisis TODAY!  Announcing the launch of the Immune Rescue PlanEffective Strategies for Enhancing Your Body’s Natural Defenses and Living a Longer and Healthier Lifeonline program, starting April 20, 2020.  The Immune Rescue Plan is dedicated to educating and providing tools and resources that families can apply IMMEDIATELY to increase immunity and overall health, utilizing real food and all natural products. 

With a commitment to families across the US, and In light of the current health crisis, we are all concerned more than ever before about the state of our health, and more importantly – what we can do about it.  Putting the knowledge and resources back in your hands, the Immune Rescue Plan is designed to empower individuals and families to make better choices.

“I realized that there are so many people who feel powerless to improve their immunity and overall health in light of the current Covid-19 situation” said Program Creator, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Holistic Health Coach, Michele Ciancimino.  After discussing this need with our team of industry experts, clients and associates, it was decided to move up the launch date to better serve the community during this time of need.


The Program includes the following:

Module 1- What is the Immune System and How is it Compromised?

Module 2- You Are What You Eat- Foods that Enhance Immunity & Foods That Decrease it.

Module 3- Reduce Toxins, Increase Immunity 

Module 4- Sleep, De-Stress and Strengthen

Module 5- Specific Tools, Products and Protocols to Heighten Your Defenses


As if this timely information is not enough, the program is set up on a sliding scaledonation basis.  That means, pay what you feel represents the value of this important information and program,starting with any donation of $49 on up.  With this donation, you will get started with The Immune Rescue PlanAND a $25 donation from each program purchased goes to the Three Square Coronavirus Emergency Food Fundwhich provides food for at risk families in the Las Vegas valley. 

Three Square, a local food bank established this Emergency Fund to support those in Southern Nevada affected by illness, school closures, layoffs, and other economic hardships caused by the pandemic.

It’s a win/win!  You receive valuable education, training and resources supporting the health of you and your loved ones and, together we support those in need in our community.

To donate, access all the details and get started, go to:


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