Meet the Company That Is Bringing Innovation to Fire Suppression

PEEKSKILL, NY, USA – 04-21-2020 ( — “The Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball” Innovation in Fire Protection 

Elide Fire USA, the Master Distributor of The Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball, a Revolutionary new product that only activates when it comes in contact with flame, and is the only patented product of its kind that offers 24/7 protection against fire. The Ball Alerts homeowners/users when activated that a fire situation has occurred giving you time to react and investigate and most importantly get people away from the fire situation.

Whether used in a Fixed/mounted position or tossed into an emergency fire situation, the ball brings an additional line of defense to fire prevention/suppression, one that can save lives and limit property damage.

The only patented firefighting tool of its kind in the marketplace, The Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball disperses a non-toxic and eco-friendly dry chemical (mono ammonium phosphate) and can extinguishing A, B & C rated fires. 

Elide Fire USA CEO. Faustino Bernabo, had this to say;

Every 24 Seconds, a Fire Department in the United States Responds to a Fire Somewhere in the Nation and the U.S. Fire Administration Department reported that the fire problem in the US is growing at a faster rate each year. In 2017 alone fires caused $23 billion in property damage.The Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball brings a much needed additional line of defense to the US Fire protection/suppression industry,” Bernabo continued….”Our mission here at Elide Fire USA is To bring Innovative Elide Fire Technology to the frontline of fire fighting in an effort to save lives and limit property loss & damage”

Elide Fire USA offers three Products with each carrying an extended year warranty: 

6” Red Extinguishing Ball for $120 – 5 Year warranty 

4” Red Extinguishing Ball for $95 – 5 Year warranty

4” Marine/Auto Blue extinguishing Ball for $95 – 3 Year warranty

For orders, customers can visit the company’s website or order directly from Amazon


About Elide Fire 

Elide Fire USA is located at John Walsh Blvd. Suite 6 Peekskill, NY. The company was registered in the United States in 2019 and it seeks to bring innovative Technology to US Fire protection/suppression industry. The company is the Master Distributor of The Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball, the only Patented Extinguishing Ball, The Real Red Ball that Protects. For more information about the company, visit their website and YouTube to learn how this product works. 

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