Organic Superfood Brand Launches Financial Support Program to Aid Health-Focused Small Business Owners

United States, Texas, Katy – 04-21-2020 ( — In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, organic superfood brand, Oriya Organics, has developed a financial support and stimulus program for individuals employed in the health and fitness industries and whose livelihoods have been affected by the novel coronavirus. Oriya established its financial support program, COVID Co-Op, to offer aid to those struggling within the health and fitness industries during this time of economic unrest. 

The program was created with independent operators in mind, such as, personal trainers and nutrition coaches to help them create an alternative revenue stream. “Being a small business operator, we understand some of the challenges our community is facing right now. It is our goal to provide financial relief to individuals within the health and fitness community. We want to give back to those who have supported our brand and continue to make it grow,” said Jonathon Larson, Oriya Organics CEO and Co-founder. COVID Co-Op is scheduled to run for approximately ten weeks or through the month of June. Individuals within the health and fitness industries, impacted by the coronavirus, can submit a proposal to Oriya that verifies their industry relation and certifies their agreement to adhere to Oriya’s ethical standards. 

All approved candidates will receive a unique coupon code for 10% off that can be shared via social media or by email to their followers and subscribers. Additionally, all sales generated by each coupon code will be tracked and validated via a third party service where 50% percent of all profits from each transaction will be transferred by direct deposit to each candidate’s bank account. Oriya also plans to donate an additional 5% of all sales made on its website this month to the CDC Foundation to further support COVID-19 relief efforts.

“On many of these transactions we will not receive wide profit margins, so achieving financial gain has never been on our agenda. We are solely looking to impact our industry through servant leadership and by providing assistance to those who have been most affected,” Larson said.

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